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The Cape “Pilot” (Hour 1) 

Photo Credit: NBC
  • Vince’s wife is Jennifer Ferrin. She played Jennifer (as in Jennifer and Dusty) on the CBS daytime soap As the World Turns. She was also in an episode of Fringe. I like her.
  •  Wasn’t that police chief in Alien Nation? Poor Eric Pierpoint, he wasn’t long for The Cape universe.
  •  The partner is already dead in the first two minutes of the show. Wonderful.
  •  I kind of like the comic book-y open.
  •  They’re kind of overdoing the father-son love at the beginning. You have an amazing bond with him, Vince. We get it.
  •  Peter Fleming = the villain. Wants to take over the police and the prisons. James Frain, I love you.
  •  Vince and son read The Cape comic book. So that’s where he gets the idea.
  •  Wow. The drama is beyond over-the-top. Trying to figure out if I like that or not.
  •  “My life is like a game of chess.” I almost thought Frain was going to say “a box of chocolates.”
  •  After Fleming reveals himself as Chess, Vince has this ‘so that’s who the masked man is’ look on his face. Couldn’t he tell from the guy’s accent? They just had a one-on-one meeting with each other.
  •  Fleming sets up Faraday for the Chief’s murder. Now he’s at some circus with Keith David. So happy to see this actor.
  •  187 – Vince’s weight. And the police code for murder.
  •  I think I’m going to like this Carnival of Crime.
  •  Why would Vince’s Ark card still work anywhere?
  •  Favorite line alert: “Do we think the raccoon acted alone?”
  •  I actually thought that Vince’s family was going to be killed. I’m glad they didn’t go there.
  •  Keith David is always badass. He never disappoints.
  •  The cape is made entirely of spider silk? Could The Cape be more Batman?
  •  Max to Vince during training: “Spin, spin, spin, snap it!” All of a sudden, I have this image in my head of Robin Williams in The Birdcage saying: “You do Fosse Fosse Fosse Fosse Fosse! You do Martha Graham Martha Graham Martha Graham, or Twyla Twyla Twyla, or Michael Kidde Michael Kidde Michael Kidde Michael Kidde, or Madonna Madonna Madonna Madonna… but you keep it all inside.” My mind works in mysterious ways.
  •  I don’t think I’m feelin’ David Lyons yet.
  •  I like how badass Rollo is though.
  •  Wow, that first fight was just silly. I guess it was supposed to prove that maybe The Cape isn’t quite ready for primetime yet?
  •  The hood Vince is wearing is slightly reminding me of Oliver’s Green Arrow hood on Smallville.
  •  First Summer Glau sighting at 32 minutes in. She’s Orwell.
  •  Watchtower, Smallville + Eyes Only, Dark Angel = Orwell, The Cape?
  •  Seriously? Exposition while he’s laying on the ground bleeding to death? Oh, at least they make fun of all that right after. Happy they’re not taking themselves too seriously.
  • Is that it for Elise Neal? She was barely in the pilot.
  •  Seriously? I’m sorry, call me jaded but that crying was just too much. The swell of the music too.
  • First Impression: Just don’t think it’s a pilot that immediately hooks me. Going to have to give it a second episode and maybe a third.

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