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Documentaries & Non-Fiction Series

Plot Twist: NOVA’s “A.I. Revolution” Highlights the Beneficial Uses of Artificial Intelligence for Humanity… Although It Still Might Wipe Us Out (One Day) 

Considering the doom and gloom pervading the US — and the world — right now (and the topic at hand), it was almost impossible not to write a clickbait headline. In addition, the mainstream media presents AI as a malevolent force that will eventually rise up or fight back and…

Documentaries & Non-Fiction Series

Justice, USA Week 1: Executive Producer Marshall Goldberg and Showrunner Randy Ferrell Discuss Why It Took So Long to Make the Series, Filming on Location in Nashville and More 

Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you haven’t watched the first two episodes of Justice, USA. I knew I wanted to watch this documentary series when the trailer dropped a few weeks ago. While our criminal justice system will never be perfect, there’s a real case to be…

Documentaries & Non-Fiction Series

Director Skye Borgman’s “The Truth About Jim” Examines Generational Trauma and the Life of a Potential Serial Killer 

Trigger warnings: Rape and sexual assault Amateur investigator Sierra Barter spent over two years of her life unearthing and examining family secrets about her step-grandfather Jim Mordecai. He terrorized every member of his family and at least a few members of the community at large. And even more than a…