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Pretty Little Liars “Salt Meets Wound” 

Photo Credit: ABC FAMILY/Adam Rose
  • Hanna’s freaking out over A signing her cast. Don’t blame her. Humpty Dumpty sticker? We know what Humpty Dumpty had. A great fall. Should the girls pay more attention to that sticker?
  • Hanna found the money her mom Sydney Andrews stole. That was quick.
  • Seriously, how does A see everything that goes on? Is A, Billie Jean? Because A is everywhere!
  • I like that Hanna has already confronted her mom about the money. Her mom told her the truth about how she got the dough. Fascinating.
  • The temperature is freezing cold between Emily and the ‘rents. Guess who’s coming to dinner? Maya.
  • Spencer is still dating the guy who works in the kitchen at the club. Forgot about that guy.
  • Spencer’s mom is trying not to jump to conclusions about her newly wedded daughter. Too late.
  • Once again, I love Bianca Lawson, but it’s just super hard to suspend my disbelief about her playing a high school character. Maybe if I hadn’t watched Saved by the Bell: The New Class. That show was no SBTB: The Original Series, but I tuned in every once in a while.
  • Emily did not just say her parents change the TV when Ellen is on. That’s awesome. And a sure sign they’re not dealing with their suddenly gay daughter very well.
  • So happy cute teacher is on the screen even if I don’t completely believe he and Aria are soulmates.
  • Aria tells Ezra the truth about Noel knowing about them. He’s worried. He should be.
  • Oh no. It’s Mona. If she doesn’t turn out to be A, I’m seriously going to be upset by all the time I waste watching her scenes.
  • Noel vs. Ezra scene. Noel’s already trying to blackmail the teacher for a better grade. Or else the principal will hear about Mr. Fitz’s extracurricular activities. This is a town without morals.
  • I just realized Spencer’s boyfriend is the dead pop star from 90210. Took me long enough.
  • Jenna is so creepy (I have to write this every time she’s on). And what is Aria doing taking Ezra’s hand at school?
  • Isn’t it nice when Spencer dates a boy she hasn’t stolen from her sister?
  • Uh oh. It’s the dinner. Mama isn’t digging what she’s seeing. She’s busy crying in the closet while her daughter’s living life out of the closet.
  • So Noel has a grudge against the girls, specifically Ali. Motive.
  • I’m about to send out an APB on Aria’s parents. Episode Two and there’s no Chad Lowe or Holly Marie Combs to be found.
  • “A” sent that application in for Spencer’s boyfriend Alex.
  • Spencer and Alex broke up pretty easily. Don’t know if they needed A’s machinations for that one. But they got it.
  • I don’t know what to say about Lucas. He needs to stop acting like the spurned lover.
  • This show is starting to give some answers.
  • ANSWER: Lucas destroyed Ali’s memorial. I don’t know what Ali specifically did to him but she must have treated him like she treated everybody else. Now Hanna’s keeping Lucas’ secret.
  • ANSWER: Jenna turned Toby in. She wanted him to be able to prove himself innocent so he can’t run around like a fugitive.
  • Toby rejected his step-sister. I know they’re not blood but I really didn’t want to have to see these two kiss.
  • I bet someone stole the money out of Hanna’s house during Mona’s surprise party. Yup, I was right. It had to be A.
  • Emily’s dad is being called back to duty sooner rather than later. I bet that was A’s doing too.
  • Spencer’s dad’s in the house. Nolan North from ABC’s late great soap Port Charles. I love him. I know this show is about teens but I’d love to see him more.
  • The blood on Toby’s sweater is a positive match for Alison. What’s that about?
  • Spencer’s putting the clues together regarding Ian and Ali.
  • Wow, Hanna’s mom is a mess. She borrows a pill from her daughter.
  • In one of the medicine bottles, there’s a note from A. Hanna will get the money back if she does what A says. How is A doing all this? This show is confusing the hell out of me.
  • We’ve seen Emily’s parents. And Hanna’s mom. And both of Spencer’s parents. Where are Aria’s mom and dad? Dear Show: Is there something I should know? Did I miss a press release or a breaking news bulletin about these two?

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