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Diamond Dan, The Mindy Project “We’re a Couple Now, Haters!” 

Photo Credit: sabella Vosmikova/FOX
Photo Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

The Mindy Project is back (yay!) with an episode that featured a ton of character development. Before we get to all of that, let’s start with some thoughts on the season three premiere.

Thoughts. Random and otherwise.

-I’m so thankful FOX decided to keep on keepin’ on with this comedy. I needed to find out how Mindy and Danny were going to be as a couple. The answer is funnier than ever before. They continue to be my reason for watching this show. They are as dysfunctional as I thought that they would be. Yet at the same time they manage to be hot and cute. They’re good like that.

-The Danny VO at the beginning of “We’re a Couple Now, Haters” totally worked. Especially since it then led into the Mindy voiceover. Yes, this show is called The Mindy Project. But both Danny and Mindy are this show’s strongest assets.

-Peter ditched the facial hair. Wonder if it’s for good? He had it more than he didn’t have it last season, I think. I kind of miss it. I want it back.

Guest Star Goodness

Photo Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX
Photo Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

That’s Rob McElhenney playing Morgan’s Cousin Lou. McElhenney is one of the cast members of FX’s (now FXX’s) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He was one of ‘The Others” in a couple episodes of ABC’s Lost.

-I liked the issues Mindy and Danny are having so far. They are such different people. And they have to navigate their sea of differences now that they’re a couple. She’s not into healthy food. He’s not into pink frou frou shirts. She’s an open book. He’s private. He didn’t feel he could trust her with any of his secrets. So he kept part of himself from her. So thankful they worked some of that stuff out. It created some funny moments like everyone talking about Danny’s amazing mouth skills. But in the end they were the stronger for it.

Photo Credit: Isabela Vosmikova/FOX
Photo Credit: Isabela Vosmikova/FOX

-I know Peter’s a douche when it comes to women. And maybe he was overcompensating with his girlfriend a bit by buying her the expensive tiara. But what Reed did was a d–k move. He’s not even going to try to play it noble. He wants Lauren. He says he’s going to get her. Instant triangle. Until further notice, I’m Team Peter even though I have a gut feeling he’ll make me regret my choice.

-Mindy and Danny have the power to be real together. Mindy can be a bit on the shallow side so the fact that he brings this vulnerability out in her, it’s great. And that creates even more depth for the character.

-Danny wears these glasses. And I will allow it.

-The Boston “More than a Feeling” music cue serenaded the opening of the show instead of an abbreviated version of The Mindy Project theme song. Wonder if the open will revert back to what’s it’s always been or if they’ll constantly play new and different tunes there as the season continues?

-And that was Lenny Kravtiz’s version of “American Woman,” right?

-There were two guys in the photo with Diamond Dan. Can we meet those two guys, pretty please? Danny would enjoy the blast from the past, right?

Character Development

We learned a lot about the characters in last night’s episode. Some of the things we may have known before, but I don’t remember so I’m including it.

Photo Credit: Isabela Vosmikova/FOX
Photo Credit: Isabela Vosmikova/FOX

-Danny gets turned on by cheesy songs like Boston “More Than a Feeling.” I’m totally okay with that.

-Morgan’s cousin went to jail for stealing cars. Morgan walked away free and clear. Cousin Lou then ratted Morgan out which is why he ended up in jail. Not cool. I don’t care how close they got in the slammer.

-Mindy’s mouth skills are only okay. Ouch.

-Of course Danny wears a boy’s size medium. Of course he does. I love all the Danny is tiny jokes.

-Mindy is afraid that what she has going on with Danny isn’t real and that what they have will go away.

-Danny’s middle name is Alan. He carried a purse to school in fourth and fifth grades.

-Danny was a stripper (Diamond Dan) to put himself through school. He ended up paying off his mother’s mortgage with his savings. Makes so much sense. He’s got the moves down.

-Mindy isn’t Muslim.

-Morgan’s Cousin Lou loves Richard Lewis. In fact, he has a tattoo of the comedian on his neck.

-Danny dances but doesn’t gossip. However, on the rare occasion he does gossip, he’s adorable.

-Morgan has bionic eyesight. He can see (stripper) reflections in Mindy’s eyes.

-Tamra has a bunch of celebrity phone numbers in her cell phone. Which ones?

What They Said aka Favorite Quotes

Mindy: “But what is a relationship if not doing things you hate in between sex sessions?”

Danny: “Now what can I help you with?”
Peter: “I heard you’re good with your mouth.”
Danny: “What does that mean?”
Peter: “I heard you’re um…I heard you’re good with your mouth.”

Danny: “Where’s Mindy?”
Morgan: “She’s in the staff meeting that started five minutes ago. Better get that hot little tongue of yours in there.”

Mindy: “Men control health care. And I’ll tell you one thing. If there were braces for your penises, we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Mindy: “OK, I don’t know why you’re looking at me. I am mad charitable. I donated two cans of soup to get into a Katy Perry Q&A.”

Mindy: “You killed Richard Lewis?” Cousin Lou: “No. NO!”

Mindy: “Danny, do you have any t-shirts that are not a boy’s sized medium?”
Danny: “If you got it, flaunt it.”

Mindy: “Wait, is this gossip?”
Danny: “No, I’m not gossiping. I don’t do that. This is just me reporting the questionable goings on of people we know.”

Danny: “I would never let my woman plan a charity event with some guy. I would never do it.”
Mindy: “And I would never plan a charity event.”

Mindy (holding up stripper thong): “Does this belong to your ex-girlfriend? God, she must have been really thin.”

Mindy: “I’m going to go back to my office and spiral out about it by myself.”

Morgan: “I don’t want to live in a world where a rude schlub like Peter can lose his woman to a handsome, decent man.”

Danny: “Look it’s embarrassing, okay? I did it to pay for medical school.”
Mindy: “Wait. I thought you worked in a deep sea fishing boat to pay for medical school?”
Danny: “I tried. I kept getting thrown from the boat because I was too light.”

Mindy: “Why do you have so many secrets, Danny? You’re an OB-GYN. You’re not Batman.”

Danny: “Get your big ass in there now!”

Peter: “I’m Peter.”
Cousin Lou: “You’re Peter, too?”
Peter: “No, I’m that Peter.”
Cousin Lou: “The Peter we’re discussing right now? Oh, man, that is so embarrassing for me. I’m so sorry.”

Lauren: “Tamra are you recording this?”
Tamra: “Sorry. It’s just hella dramatic, though!”

Morgan: “Open the door! I hear you playing Frozen.”

Mindy: “Zorro? I’m too young to understand the reference.”

Danny: “I was once a stripper named Diamond Dan. I did it to pay for med school. And the savings helped me pay off my mother’s mortgage on her house. I always told you I didn’t have a middle name. That’s not true. It’s Alan. It’s actually my dad’s name. I just hated him so much I wanted to pretend it didn’t exist.
Mindy: “Can I…Can I tell you one?”
Danny: “Sure.”
Mindy: “I think the reason that I tell everyone about us is because I want it to be real. And the more real it seems the less likely it could all get taken away from me.”
Danny: “That’s real. All right. OK. When I was in the fourth and fifth grade, my mother couldn’t afford a backpack. So I carried a purse to school.”

The Mindy Project airs on FOX Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c.

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  1. Chery Mineily

    Hahahaha this recap is awesome! yesterday’s episode was amazong! I really like how they are developing Mindy’s & Danny’s relationship! I think this season is going to be the best season ever 🙂 i’m really excited.

    1. Tina Charles

      Mindy and Danny are beyond awesome. Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading!

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