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Character Development: Meet the New Diane Lockhart, The Good Wife “Silver Bullet” 

Photo Credit: David M. Russell/CBS

Maybe it took the thought of being pushed out of the firm bearing her name to turn Diane into this new person, but I like it. And in many ways this isn’t really a new side of Diane we’re seeing. I think it’s a side she’s hidden. Maybe she thought she’d get further being someone she’s not but I’m glad she’s showing her true colors. I like this Diane. A lot.

Tommy: “You’re gonna lose a lot of friends over this one.”

Diane: “Then they weren’t friends to begin with.”

Diane is seeing clearly. She knows who is on her side and who isn’t and she’s not about to suffer fools gladly. She shows this in both her personal and professional life. Tommy, a dear old friend, gets a very rude wake up call when Diane won’t be talked out of taking Kurt’s case. This is a side of Diane he’s never experienced but he claims to be up for the challenge. Too bad he doesn’t have Kalinda on his side. That woman notices everything and I was especially impressed when she noticed the dropped frames in the surveillance footage. When Tommy doesn’t want to back off Diane gives him a warning: drop the case or she’ll make it her life’s mission to keep Beltran from making any money off it. He’s guilty. He should be grateful he’s not back in prison.

And I can’t talk about this case without talking about Diane and Kurt’s attraction for each other. Just like Kalinda and Blake, these two are hot and it’s fun to watch them dance around each other. Diane attempts to keep it ethical by not sleeping with Kurt, but can’t hold out for very long. I don’t blame her. Even though they are so different, it’s fun to see where they have common ground. And I love that these two have such different political views. But more than that, I love that it’s so easy for them to find thing to admire in each other, despite their differences. I was surprised (and pleased) when Kurt made his proposal. He knows if they don’t go away now they’re going to miss their chance. I hope that’s not true because I think these two are great together. But right now Diane is fighting for her life – her work life. It’s a huge part of who she is and I, for one, don’t want to see her go down without a fight. And she’s won’t.

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