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America’s Next Top Model “Erin Wasson” 

Photo Credit: CW/Pottle Productions Inc.

I’m always excited when a new cycle of America’s Next Top Model begins. I don’t really love “audition” episodes but I appreciate that the producers tried to change things up. I mean, it is the 16th season of the show. Change or die. The first twist of the season is the final 14 think they’re being eliminated. Harsh, but as Tyra tells them they have to get used to rejection – their careers will be filled with it. Just not today.

There are three things I (usually) love about every episode: meeting the guest judge, meeting the photographer and seeing them in action, and looking at the best photo of each girl. This week’s guest judge is Erin Wasson. If you know fashion, you know Erin Wasson. She’s not just a model though. She’s also a stylist and jewelry designer. This week’s photographer is Russell James. I’m a fan. And the concept of the shoot is refreshing. I like that he’s taking behind-the-scenes photos. These days Russell says that what goes on backstage is as important – if not more so – then what’s going on on the runway. It’s interesting, it’s different. I like it. And finally, my favorite part of every episode is the pictures. What do the photos look like? How has the makeup and costuming transformed the model? How has the photographer put his or her stamp on the model and the photo? What has the model done to distinguish herself from the pack? What is she portraying? Is she doing a good job or a bad one? What do I think about the photo? Do I agree with the judge’s critiques?

I’m not sure I have any favorites yet. The photo above is my favorite picture of the week. I like that there are five girls in the photo and Hannah still manages to stand out. The other photos I liked are of Alexandria, Monique, and Molly. And can I just say I’m not sorry to see Angelia go home? I didn’t like her photo and I don’t think there was anything that striking about her. Harsh? Yes, but that’s what she signed up for when she decided to become a model. I wish her well though. You’ve got to have guts to put yourself out there to be judged.

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