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3 Moments of Goodness from Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Johnny and Dora” 

Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX
Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX

The most satisfying part of this season’s finale has to the Jake and Amy kiss. Well, they kiss three times but the last one is the best one — and it means something. The Charles and Rosa dynamic was also great. I love how she’s convinced he doesn’t know anything about her, but he keeps proving her wrong. The most upsetting and surprising part of the finale, though, is watching Captain Holt give his speech as Wuntch gets her way and promotes Holt out of the 99. I cried. Of course, it doesn’t take much to make that happen. But when you take the words coming out of the captain’s mouth paired with how everyone was reacting to them…it’s all just very emotional.

That Kiss

When Jake and Amy had to pretend to be a couple, I think we all knew a kiss would be coming. It’s especially awkward because Jake — deciding to be a grown-up for once — decides to actually admit his feelings.

Jake: “Alright. The reason I didn’t want to work with you is — should I do this in an accent so that I can undercut some of the awkwardness I’m feeling?”
Amy: “No.”
Jake: “Good call. Remember when you told me that you didn’t want to date cops? ‘Dat really bummed me out man.”
Amy: “Jamaican?”
Jake: “Yeah. That was a bad choice. I’m much better at German. Alright, fine. I was kinda thinking about asking you out.”
Amy: “Oh. Okay.”
Jake: “But I know that’s not what you want and I totally get it. I think it just took me a while to totally, totally get it. And now I totally get it.”

I feel like my little boy is growing up. Amy doesn’t offer up any declarations about her own feelings, even though we know she’s got a thing for Jake as well.

Photo Credit:  Erica Parise/FOX
Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX

So while they’re on a stake out with Rosa and Charles, they have to pose as a couple to keep tabs on the perp, Michael Augustine. And wouldn’t you know it, their cover story is that their newly engaged. Of course they’re the strangest newly engaged couple anyone would ever hope to meet, but they pull it off well enough. Both times they kiss its to avoid being made. But later when they’re having a moment in the records room, we get to see Jake and Amy’s first real kiss. And it’s magnificent.

Charles and RoRo

What starts out as Charles trying to trick Rosa into going into a surprise birthday party, turns into something so much better.

Charles: “Rosa. I know you don’t like anyone wishing you a happy birthday so, crappy day to you.”
Rosa: “Still too much.”

So when he tries to convince her to help him move a Ms. Pacman machine — she’s insatiable — from a bar that night, Rosa is not even remotely fooled.

Rosa: “You want me to go to a bar?”
Charles: “Um hmm.”
Rosa: “You are obviously trying to get me to go to a surprise party. Did Marcus put you up to this?”
Charles: “What? No. That’s crazy talking. We just need to be there at exactly 9:45 pm. Not a minute earlier. Also, there’s a particular door I want us to enter through.”

Charles promises she’ll have a good time, but Rosa is skeptical. In fact, she revokes his “Rosa” privileges and tells him to address her as “Diaz” or “Hey, you.”

Charles keeps dropping random facts to prove he knows Diaz, but it’s not until they arrive at the bar and it’s totally empty — expect for Marcus, of course — that she gets it. Charles suggested this to Marcus and it’s perfect. He does know her.

Captain Holt Gets Emotional

While the first two moments are pure goodness, this one was tough. Of course I didn’t want Wuntch to get the last laugh, but it’s been fun watching their feud escalate. But I never thought it would result in Holt leaving the precinct.

Holt: “I have some news, which you must keep secret. Madeline Wuntch is making me head of public relations for the NYPD. I’m being forced out of the 99. I don’t wish to make a big deal of it, so please limit your reactions to 1 second. Go.”

So when Holt challenges Jeffords and Gina to find a document that will make his new promotion go away, they gleefully accept. Gina works her contacts in the assistant community and finds out where the incriminating letter is. Terry’s job is to sneak in and retrieve it while Gina distracts the file clerk.

Gina: “Apparently he’s very into bird watching, so talking to a woman should blow his mind.”

Photo Credit: John Fleenor/FOX
Photo Credit: John Fleenor/FOX

Holt calls a meeting with Wuntch, but before they can talk she insists on patting him down. It is insanely thorough.

Jeffords: “What is going on?”
Gina: “Shhh. I’m watching something.”

Wuntch decides not to play this game. She’ll deny she wrote the letter and during the investigation, she’ll make some personnel changes around the office. Holt realizes he’s defeated.

Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX
Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX

Holt: “Squad. If I could have your attention please. I’m being transferred to the public relations office. I’m leaving the 99 effective immediately.”
Amy: “What the hell?”
Jake: “I don’t understand.”
Amy: “What the hell?”
Charles: “Why you doing this?”
Holt: “I want to say it has been a pleasure to have worked alongside all of you for the past 21 and a half months. I’m sorry for getting so emotional.”
Jake: “Pretty consistent tone, actually.”
Holt: “These have been the…These have been the best years of my career.”
Jake: “Oh no. This is new.”
Holt: “And I know that every one of you gave me everything you had and I will never forget it.”
Jake: “Go back to being Robot Captain.”

Photo Credit:  Erica Parise/FOX
Photo Credit: Erica Parise/FOX

I am sobbing. I don’t want to know who the new captain is unless Holt has found a genius way to outsmart Wuntch. It could happen. Until then, I’ll be in denial over here.

Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres this fall on FOX.

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