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Castle “A Deadly Affair” 

Photo Credit: ABC

Season 3 of Castle picks up with an upset Beckett, Ryan and Esposito. It seems Castle’s back in town, he hasn’t written, he hasn’t called and most importantly he hasn’t returned to help solve crimes. And poor Rick doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. He knows he wants to return to the gang after his book tour, he just hasn’t let the cops in on his plan. He’s such a guy.

I’m so glad Castle‘s back on TV. I definitely missed it this summer. The Season 3 premiere is a solid hour of entertainment and it features a lot of what I love about the show, namely the interaction among the entire cast; a mildly suspenseful crime; Castle dealing with his teenage daughter and more chemistry between Castle and Beckett than you can imagine. Seriously, all Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion have to do is look at each other and the chemistry just crackles. I so want these two together. The little moments are great like when Castle brings Beckett coffee for the first time in months. She can’t help but smile in enjoyment. Or when they say the same thing at the same time. But, alas, Castle’s still dating his second ex-wife although did you catch the look on his face when he found out Beckett’s no longer dating Michael Trucco? So great. The vibe with the group is completely off its hinges as Castle works his way back into the good graces of his cop colleagues. But it’s funny that Rick is a little nervous when he talks to Ryan and Esposito. They have clearly showed their distaste for his actions over the summer. But you can tell the partners really grew to love Castle so they’re just hurt.

The way Rick is woven back into crime-solving duties is pure Castle. Beckett and the gang find him holding a gun near a dead body (a woman who had called him for help). Kate’s forced to arrest him for murder. But thanks to the fact that this show is usually light on heavy drama, Rick’s quickly ruled out even as the cops continue to find him in compromising situations. Two of my favorite moments of the episode: 1) The bet as to who’s going to come up with the connection to solve the murder. If Beckett does, then Castle walks away forever (as if she’d ever let that happen). If Castle wins, they let him back into the group; and 2) It looks like the detective and the famed novelist have their guns trained on each other when in actuality they are protecting each other and they each shoot the bad guys at the same time. Castle actually uses a gun to apprehend the bad guy (or girl). He’s come a long way. And it was a pretty fierce moment.

Meanwhile, at home, Alexis is having issues with her new boyfriend. He didn’t call, he didn’t write and she’s upset. Sound familiar? Rick tries to defend the kid, but Alexis isn’t having it. Again, one of my favorite parts of this hit series is this father-daughter relationship. Nathan and Molly Quinn share such an easy chemistry it’s really a joy to watch week after week. Oftentimes with a show like this, it’s not so much the procedural part I’m digging it’s the character-driven stuff. I guess I’m just built that way.

Deja View

  • Michael Rady played one of the suspects (the fiance of one of the murder victims). Last season, he starred on the short-lived Melrose Place as Jonah, the filmmaker.
  • Ethan Erickson played a guy brought in for questioning that has to do with the case. Ethan guest-starred on four episodes of the new Melrose Place. But I remember him most when he was “J” on the now-defunct daytime soap Guiding Light.

Favorite Line

  • From Det. Kevin Ryan: “He really is ruggedly handsome. Hmmm….”

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