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We Need to Know: Is Castle Still Dating Gina? 

Photo Credit: ABC

You’ve heard the expression before, “That’s on a need to know basis.” In this case, something happened on Castle and I really need to know: Is Castle still dating Gina?

I’ve never thought of Castle as the kind of guy to cheat. And even though I loved it when Natalie Rhodes (as Nikki Heat, of course), corners Castle in the elevator and all but makes out with him, I did wonder about Gina. I think we’ve only seen her on screen once this season, which I’m fine with. I’ve got nothing against Monet Mazur but I can only see her as an impediment to the whole Castle/Beckett thing so the less I see her the better. But having said that, I don’t think it’s acceptable for Castle to go around kissing other women. Well, I’d allow Beckett but no one else! It would be one thing if he was resisting, which he clearly was not, though thankfully Castle didn’t provide the “character research” Natalie was hoping to get. When Beckett asks him about it, he says it’s too meta. Why doesn’t he mention Gina? Why doesn’t Beckett mention Gina? It makes me think she’s not the picture anymore. I need some answers.

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