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About TV Goodness

We’re all about Feel Good and Be Good TV. At TV Goodness, we talk about the shows that make us feel and inspire us to write. TV Goodness is also on TwitterInstagram and YouTube. We are available for one-on-one interviews, press calls, set visits and press lines/red carpets. And we are always looking for writers who are as passionate about TV as we are.


Editors-in-Chief: Tina Charles and Kara Howland

Tina and Kara created TV Goodness in 2010. They love great television and enjoy talking about it with others even more. We can be found on Twitter and Instagram @tvgoodness.


Senior Writer/Columnist: Heather M

Her beat: Killjoys, Syfy, Canadian TV imports, Hallmark Channel/Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, TV Movie Goodness

Heather began writing about TV way back when Jensen Ackles was Alec on Dark Angel (so, dibs!) EDITOR NOTE: No dibs!). She never got on the reality bandwagon. Instead, her TV viewing must be scripted. She’s intensely loyal to actors, writers, and directors and loves comedy, drama, suspense, and sci-fi equally. If it was filmed in Vancouver (or Canada, really), she’s going to be all over it. Don’t look for snark. If she’s made the time to watch it, she likes it (or loves it), because life’s too short to watch sh-tty TV. But she will call BS when it’s right there for the taking. By day, she writes marketing communications for the IT sector. She’s a lifelong Texan (minus the pre-K years), so you’ll have to accept the liberal use of y’all. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @approximofnice.




  1. Andrea Kittell

    I just saw your twitter post on dark matter for 8/5, and went to your website.

    Wow, what a positive, exciting site for those of us who may be called TV junkies, but, I believe it is a passion or serious hobby. Whatever the term it is labeled, it’s an appreciation for an art forms. Every Era had it’s own.

    I started on Twitter, @doubleshepherdy, Drew Kittell (Drew is my nickname from, Andrew, my father), in case it’s confusing.
    Doubleshepherdy is from my two german shepherds.

    I joined mainly to send tweets to actors, writers, directors, and crew I thought realty creates a rare essence of the characters portrayed, storytelling that built an arc of the cast that is rare, director filming which is working well, or not. I didn’t have time to get on to give feedback on all the genres I enjoy. I am working on it.

    I truly started tweeting to show appreciation for the people who bring me enjoyment after my day, and it is for me, like others addict to golf or baking or any other interest.

    Thank you for your website.

    1. Tina Charles

      Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for reading! We love connecting with other people who are as passionate as we are about TV. And in a positive way. Thanks for your response!

      Tina and Kara

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