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DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Superheroes on TV: Well Laid Plans 

Plans. Heroes and villains alike have plans; and more often than not, nothing ever goes according to them. But can heroics be boiled down to a matter of who’s the better planner? The entirety of the first season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is wrapped up in stopping Vandal Savage….


Superheroes on TV: Time 

There are few, if any, constants in the realm of superheroes. Costumes change, backstories are reconstructed, rebirths and new teams linger at the onset of each new decade, yet perhaps the most fickle of all is time itself. We’re winding down seasons, inching ever closer to inevitable cliffhangers, which makes…


Superheroes on TV: Predictability 

I have the utmost respect for characters who mean what they say and follow through on their promises. While predictability may be frowned upon in the traditional sense, few things are more rewarding than someone who can pull the trigger when the moment calls for it. This week’s Superheros on…


Superheroes on TV: Self Sacrifice 

This week’s Superheroes on TV sees that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has found some humanity, Supergirl learns the difference between obligation and love, and The Flash makes the ultimate sacrifice. It’s as if my complaints about collateral damage were addressed! For those of us keeping count, it has taken 12…