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Arrow Season 4: Stephen Amell Previews What’s Coming Soon 

Arrow Season 4: Stephen Amell Previews What’s Coming Soon
Photo Credit: TV Goodness
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera /The CW

WARNING: Arrow spoilers

The fourth season of the CW’s Arrow reached crazy good status this week (emphasis on crazy) with the restoration of Sara Lance; the thawing of the Oliver/Diggle bromance and Felicity stepping up in an action-y sort of way. She may not have known how to use that gun. But she sure knew what to do with it once she had that baby in her hands.

The presence of Damien Darhk has instantly upped the show’s game. Things are not only darhker (sorry, we had to go there). They’re more intense. The stakes are higher. He’s a formidable foe that seems unbeatable. But we have faith in Team Arrow. Our group may be highly dysfunctional (poor Thea/Speedy with her Lazarus Pit issues) but they are just as impressive as any villain out there. It might take them some time but they’ll figure this Damien guy out. Right?

TV Goodness recently took part in an interview with Arrow‘s Stephen Amell. He says he’s extremely proud of the first nine episodes of Season 4. And it shows. His excitement’s palpable and infectious and, as a result, we’re beyond excited for what’s to come. Amell previews the action, the drama and the complex character dynamics that are headed to a small screen near you soon. Some of the topics he covers:

Photo Credit: TV Goodness
Photo Credit: TV Goodness
  • Oliver Queen: Candidate for Mayor of Star City. He approves of this latest adventure for his character. “I like Oliver the politician.”
  • Oliver and Quentin Lance. The police captain is going to have quite the reaction to learning Oliver’s running for office. In fact, some of Amell’s favorite scenes between Ollie and Lance are coming in the next episode (“Beyond Redemption”/ Airdate: Wednesday, Oct. 28)
  • He talks about Oliver’s mayoral campaign as it pertains to Felicity and Thea.
  • As for the future of the Oliver Queen / Damien Darhk dynamic — Amell describes an aspect of it as a “cat and mouse game.”
  • Yes, he does make reference to a certain engagement ring that WILL make another appearance.
  • He couldn’t be more excited to chat about the upcoming Constantine appearance. Amell says Matt Ryan is “fantastic on the show.”
  • He discusses the flash forward to the grave scene and why he’s super stoked about it.
  • He raves about James Bamford’s directorial debut on Arrow. The show’s stunt coordinator turns director for episode seven, “Brotherhood.” He gives Bamford the ultimate compliment: “The stunt sequences in James’s episode are the most graphic, well choreographed, superbly shot and put together sequences that we’ve ever done on the show.”
  • Amell also touches on Oliver’s dynamic with Felicity’s mom, Donna Smoak; the upcoming Arrow and The Flash crossover episodes; and he teases a moment of growth for Oliver.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on the CW at 8/7c. The next episode up is “Beyond Redemption.” Here’s a preview:

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