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From Confessions to Closure: GCB “Love is Patient” 


I have to admit something. I’m really liking ABC’s GCB. It’s ridiculous and over the top yet delivers moments that are emotional and satisfying — what more can you ask for in a good, old fashioned, primetime soap? In “Love is Patient,” there are several stand-out scenes. You can make the argument that for this episode, the “C” in GCB stands for more than just “Christian.”

C is for Confession: Ripp and Carlene are a self-righteous but loving couple. In “Love is Patient, they hit a bit of a snag in the bedroom. Ripp’s never experienced this kind of “thing” before and it throws him. But after he confesses to his wife that Amanda’s late husband bilked him out of some of his considerable fortune thanks to his failed Ponzi scheme, his little problem smooths out pretty quickly. Not before Carlene goes way overboard in trying to release that pent up tension of hers, of course. But it’s good to know, Ripp’s trouble is due to issues of the emotional variety and not something more serious.


C is for Chemistry: First of all, it’s great that Heather has broken away from Carlene’s pack and has rekindled her friendship with Amanda. However, It’s not friendship she’s thinking about in this latest episode, when she has the opportunity to reconnect with a high school classmate turned billionaire businessman. Back in the day, Andrew Remington was a total nerd, but these days he’s just what Heather needs. The two get a shaky start but by the end of the hour, there’s a love connection. So happy Heather’s single days are behind her — at least for now. What’s even better is the fact Marisol Nichols (Heather) and Tom Everett Scott (Andrew) share a sweet chemistry. Hope this romance continues.

C is for Convenience: Even though Cricket is a raging beyotch, one of my favorite parts of this new series is the relationship she has with her not-so-out hubby, Blake. Their marriage of convenience is actually one of the most refreshing relationships on the show. Yes, they both seek physical satisfaction from other parties. But there’s a genuine respect going on between them that is missing from other relationships like Sharon and Zack. Cricket and Blake are both smart and ambitious, but you do see that they not only like each other, they love each other. And when feelings are hurt they want to work things out.

Carlene finds out that Cricket is having an “affair” with her Tae Kwon Do instructor. She clearly doesn’t know about Blake and Cricket’s arrangement. The Christian in her just knows she has to fix things so she confronts Blake with some godly words and a few books to help improve the passion in his marriage. When husband and wife have words over what Carlene did, Blake is upset with how this all makes him look and how it all affects him and his secret. Cricket lets him know it’s her reputation on the line as well as his. Later, the two friends with different kinds of benefits cozy up to each other as Blake tells Cricket she deserves a man who can give her everything. She reveals to him how no man has ever loved her for who she is like he has. And that includes her father. Blake and Cricket may not be married for typical reasons, but what they have works for them. I do wonder if/when Blake is going to come out.


C is for Crisis: Since the pilot, Sharon and Zack have been going through a rough patch. Once Amanda did the drive of shame back to Dallas, it seems like Zack can’t do anything but gush over their ex-classmate. At his car dealership, he kissed her even though she was completely uninterested. Eventually, Sharon’s “friends” had to tell her the truth. With a little push from Amanda, Sharon finally reveals she knows about her hubby’s extracurricular activity with the former high school mean girl. He has his own revelation. He’s basically going through an identity crisis. He’s not where he thought he’d be at this point in his life. He talks about how he was going to play for the Cowboys until an injury ended his career. His dreams didn’t come true but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want his wife in his life. Sharon hears Zack’s monologue that ends with him asking for her forgiveness. She throws the ice cream she’s eating away and says: “You’re not the only one with glory days, Zack. And maybe mine are still ahead of me.” I’m not quite sure what that means. She threw the ice cream away. Does that mean she’s done with the binging? Does she want to recapture the slammin’ bod she had back in the day? Is she going to forgive Zack his trespasses? Inquiring minds (like mine) want to know.


C is for Closure: Amanda gets her own little moment at the end of “Love is Patient.” Throughout the episode, her late hubby was on her mind. The U.S. Marshals send her a letter Bill wrote before he died, wanting her to forgive him for all his sins against their family. After reading it, she has nowhere to put all her anger. When she’s roped into attending a singles night/seminar at the Church, Ripp cons her into writing down every single thing Bill ever did to her on a piece of paper that would be stuffed into a pinata. The intent was twofold. One, when she’s able to take a bat and beat the stuffing out of it, it is supposed to serve as a way to achieve some sort of closure. With a sense of closure, she can finally move on with her life. And two, Ripp wants his money back and is convinced Bill has stashed some of it away somewhere secret. At the very end of the entertaining hour, he and Carlene suspect Bill is still alive. Meanwhile, Amanda finally gets her chance to take on the pinata in a fierce battle. She wins, of course. But she also finds out the pinata she beat down wasn’t the one she worked on at the church. Knowing Amanda, she’ll immediately suspect Carlene. But will she guess the mastermind of this little plan was Ripp?

I’m definitely going to continue watching GCB to find out. The brand new series airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.

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