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3 Surprising Developments on Switched At Birth’s “Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time” 

Photo Credit: ABC Family

I have to admit I went into this episode with a stomach full of knots. The last two episodes have been so good and so surprising that my anticipation level was really off the charts. And there were definitely some surprises in store for this season finale. Let’s get right to it. Warning: Do not read this if you haven’t watch the finale yet.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

1. Daphne finds out Wilke’s being shipped off to boarding school. At first, I didn’t understand why Wilke said no to Daphne’s awesome prom proposal. Even if his dad (the always great Corbin Bernsen) has been riding him and even if he did have some big paper due, Wilke is not one to cut out on time with Daphne. So when she went to his house and met his dad, I knew something had to be up. I can understand why Wilke didn’t want to ruin Daphne’s prom, but she had a right to know. I’ll miss him but I’ve got to admit that I love Daphne’s dynamic with Travis. I kind of want them to get together now. And, yes, I feel like I’m being incredibly disloyal to Wilke. And yet…

Photo Credit: ABC Family

2. Kathryn and Craig almost kiss. I think we all saw that coming when Craig admitted to having a thing for redheads a while back. I have to admit I’ve liked the way the writers and actors have portrayed the tension in the Kennish marriage. I feel like it’s real and interesting. I think it’s unfortunate that Kathryn doesn’t trust her husband, especially since he keeps saying he hasn’t done anything wrong. I don’t blame her for being suspicious but at a certain point, if you don’t trust your partner you’ve got much bigger problems. I like that Kathryn’s ready to move on, but is it for the right reasons? Did she only want to kiss Craig because she was mad at John or is there something else going on? I hope this storyline doesn’t go away completely because I don’t feel like this issue’s been resolved.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

3. Emmett lies to Daphne about Simone. We knew this secret would come out sooner or later. I don’t know what I would’ve done in Wilke’s situation but I’m glad he ended up telling Daphne what he knew. When Daphne asked Emmett point blank – and kept asking him – it was hard to watch him keep deny it. I didn’t like seeing him lie to Daphne, but I’ve also had a hard time watching him act so guilty since the hookup. Bay had a right to know and I have to say I’m glad he finally came clean. This secret was eating him up even though he tried to keep pushing it away. Now it’s up to Bay to decide if she wants to give things another try with Emmett or move on. I know they love each other, but no matter how mad Emmett was or how much they’d been fighting he should’ve known better. He’s allowed to make mistakes – he’s young – but this is a huge one. And talk about a bad night for Bay. Angelo and now this?

Switched At Birth returns in the fall on ABC Family.

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