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The Vampire Diaries: “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes” 

Photo credit: Annette Brown/The CW

DISCLAIMER: I don’t ship anybody on this show except Tyler and Caroline.

So, we’ve arrived at Elena’s complete, flaming meltdown, courtesy of killing Connor. Klaus drops the nugget that his bender from killing all five hunters lasted 57 years. So, she’s in for 11.4 years? Yay? Stefan and Damon are trying to work out how to control her when she stabs Jeremy in the neck mid-delusion. She calls Damon for help because she can’t trust Stefan, and when Damon calls Stefan, she won’t have anything to do with him.

Fairly quickly, Klaus swoops in and secrets Elena away into a tomb room at Chateau Mikaelson so she can’t kill herself, which is the usual outcome. Once there, she’s visited by visions of Connor and Katherine, who bad cop/bad cop her about why she’s so awful and Stefan could never love her as she is.

Over at the Lockwoods, Caroline is helping perpetuate the breakup myth, with Hayley’s help, when she returns a box of Tyler’s things in full view of Klaus and a study full of hybrids. Meanwhile, Professor Hottie (Shane) is on campus at the high school to do an exhibit (where he talks about an ancient immortal, Silas, and the witch he tried to betray, who I’m guessing will be VERY IMPORTANT soon). Bonnie brings him to Damon, who’s enjoying a glass of scotch in Alaric’s classroom and telling an unseen Alaric that he’s missing all the fun—there’s math on the board behind him, so somebody else is teaching there now; I don’t know if it’s still supposed to be Alaric’s leftover scotch, but it’s a sweet moment.

Photo credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Damon asks Shane about the hunter’s mark and the hunter’s curse, and Shane tells them that if a new hunter is born/makes his first kill, the delusions will go away. Stefan finally gets to Elena with help from an unsired hybrid, Chris, but she stabs him, too, and escapes, and then it’s down to Damon, at Stefan’s request, to rescue her.

Before that, because Damon (and now Matt) know about Jeremy being a potential, Caroline goes against Tyler (and unfortunately in liege with Klaus) and baits Chris for Jeremy to kill to save Elena. Tyler is well pissed in the aftermath and he has a screaming fit about it all over the study. So, Caroline and Tyler may be dunzo.

Elena runs off to the magical deading bridge, where she’s now having visions of her mom, who coaxes her to take off her ring and wait for sunrise, and Connor, who’s helping her count down the minutes. Damon arrives and tries to calm her down and tells there is a plan in the works to break the curse, and then he notices her ring is missing.

As Jeremy kills Chris at the Lockwoods, Connor disappears and then the sun starts to rise and Elena panics. Damon rushes her over the side of the bridge and into the water before she can burn. We pick up with them back in her room the next morning. She’s tucked in bed and he sits in the window seat. She starts to look at things in the new light of day and puts her hand in Damon’s when he comes to sit beside her and he tells her that Stefan’s done everything he’s been doing because there may possibly be a cure for her.

She responds by sitting down on the front stoop with Stefan in a really sweet, quiet, and sad scene where she admits that that she isn’t who she was when she had Matt come back home to him, and that somewhere in all this her feelings for Damon changed. Stefan already knows this and is relieved to hear her say it, but he tells her he can’t live that way anymore. She says she knows and it would seem that they agree to part.

Matt comes to see Damon at the Grill and tells him Shane and the Pastor were friendly (thanks to April remembering him), and that the Pastor called him ten times the day he blew up the Council. Damon is impressed and actually complimentary to Matt for finding that out (I KNOW!).

I’m glad we finally got there with Elena and Stefan. We needed some sort of forward momentum, if for no other reason than to finally see what Elena and Damon are like if they can really be together free and clear, and to give Stefan something to do for himself (i.e. not for Elena or Klaus or Katherine or Damon). I’d like to see who he is on his own. We’ve not seen that yet. I’m not as keen on what’s next for Tyler and Caroline and the potential love geometry there if they split and he goes to Hayley and she goes to Klaus. Especially over misguided loyalties and whatnot.

As a sidebar, I have to laugh at the extraordinary amount of booze being put away this season when, supernatural or not, nobody is of age. Is Mama Lockwood ordering in at this point? All in all, a jam packed episode that sets us up for the rest of the season. I feel like we’ve been on hold for the larger story waiting for Elena to figure out her drama, and that could have been done in fewer episodes, but maybe that’s just me.

The Vampire Diaries returns with a new episode tonight at 8 pm/7c on The CW, the first of three new episodes before the winter break.

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