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Character Development: Special Agent Timothy McGee and the Game(r) of Love, NCIS “Kill Screen” 

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Here’s something I especially liked about “Kill Screen”: they actually mentioned last week’s episode and how McGee’s love life took a nose dive after the girl he was protecting pretended to be into him. She needed a patsy and he was it. Last year, when he ended up dating the girl who turned out to be a terrorist, the show barely spent any time on it. The fact that she died was glossed over and this bump in the road was virtually forgotten. But in “Kill Screen,” McGee was feeling the effects of bad dating luck. He was thinking about taking a break. Of course, that’s when Maxine entered his life. She was a fellow gamer extraordinaire, meaning they had a lot in common. And despite the fact her recent ex was just murdered, she still seemed to be interested in the special agent-gamer-hacker-novelist.

He tried to make it seem like he wasn’t interested in the blonde, but, the McGeeminator isn’t that good an actor. He was totally into Max and I’m so happy he opened up his mind and heart to the possibility of dating her.  What I liked even more is how everyone was encouraging him to take a chance — even Tony. Tony was great about it actually. He didn’t make fun of McGee incessantly like he often does. The guy was supportive. Loved Tony and Timmy in the scene where they were searching the power plant or whatever it was that McGee called it:

“Still hiding behind your horoscope?” “Who said I was hiding?” “The guy who’s been working with you for the last seven years.” “I think I’d like sarcastic Tony back now, please.” “Well, he’s not here right now. Just wise, insightful Tony. And uh…he thinks you’ve got more on your mind than just a horoscope. But there’s taking it easy and then there’s being a dumbass, which is kind of my strong suit.”

McGee got to do a lot in this episode: protected the girl; interrogated the guy that was the murderer; helped Gibbs stop the dastardly plot involving computers and the Pentagon; tried to prevent computer homicide (a rampaging Gibbs); and spilled Gibbs’ coffee (poor guy). I like that attention was paid to the probie’s love life. The fact Tony set up a date for him with Maxine was awesome. I hope that means Leverage‘s Beth Riesgraf can return at any time. In my opinion, the episode was good, but it needed more Riesgraf. Hopefully, McGee’s bad dating karma has finally taken a turn for the better.

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