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The Good Wife “Poisoned Pill” 

Photo Credit: CBS

First of all, I’ve got to talk about Michael J. Fox. Wow. I love it when he plays against type. On Rescue Me, he played Dwight who just happened to be in a wheelchair. But he didn’t let his disability define him and he certainly didn’t let people treat him differently because of it. On The Good Wife, he uses his disability to his advantage, in this case he uses it to help him win over the jury. When Alicia sees Canning at the firm’s party to celebrate their win, he breaks it down for her. The pharmaceutical company thought the case was worth $90 million. Because he got Lockhart Gardner & Bond to settle at $35 million he earned a bonus and stock options. Did I mention I think he’s an evil genius? I really hope Alicia gets the chance to square off against him in court again. I think she can take him down eventually and he’s such a great adversary.

It was also nice to see Lili Taylor on the small screen again (you might remember seeing her somewhat recently on State of Mind or Six Feet Under). It’s no shock that Kalinda was in a relationship with a woman. Here’s what I find interesting: First, Blake continues to really get under her skin. I think if Kalinda hadn’t gone to find Donna I’m not sure Blake would have brought her to the party. He knows he’s getting to her. Also, we know that Kalinda doesn’t like to be tied down. Its unclear how long she was with Donna but Kalinda was the one to leave. I have a feeling she’s always the one to leave. If she can’t control something, she probably bails. Even though some people are calling her gay I don’t think she fits into that box as neatly as people want her to. We’ve been her kiss a man and a woman and we know she has major chemistry with Blake. Stop trying to define her and just go with it.

I’m trying to decide whether or not I like watching Cary and Kalinda become friends. Well, not really friends so much as watching them participate in a mutually beneficial relationship. Kalinda gets some pretty good dirt on Blake but Cary makes her work for it, which I like. We’re used to seeing Kalinda work her charm and get her way but it’s kinda nice when she works harder or doesn’t get what she needs. It throws her off her game and a frazzled Kalinda, is a Kalinda I love to watch.

I don’t know about you but I wasn’t even remotely surprised when Wendy Scott-Carr told that reporter she had breast cancer. I knew there was no reason she’d have a breast augmentation unless she’d gone through something like that. I think it’s smart to play it that way and this revelation only makes her a better opponent for both Peter and Glenn. But here’s my issue: Wendy hasn’t been as compelling or interesting (at least to me) since we saw her across the arbitration table from Alicia. I loved seeing her in that setting. I think she’s great for creating drama in both Peter and Glenn’s campaigns but there’s just something about this storyline that isn’t working for me anymore. Do I love that Grace went to one of her rallies? Yes. Do I love that Wendy and her people keep foiling Eli, who is supposed to be some kind of master manipulator/strategist? No. He was smart in using the Glenn Childs plant to get the breast augmentation story out there but he should have gone deeper to see if there was more to that story. Wendy keeps making him look bad. I don’t like it.

And what happened to Alicia and Will’s sexual tension? I like that he’s getting serious about Tammy but I liked it even better when he was still a little hurt from Alicia’s rejection. And what about Alicia? I also want to see her reeling a little from Will’s rejection of her. Don’t lose this great subplot yet. There’s much more here.

Interesting development: Blake telling Will Kalinda is snooping and Will telling Blake not to worry about it. I wonder when Diane is going to let Will know she’s aware of his connection to Blake. And I’m wondering just what that connection is.

TMI: That mouse video was a bit too much for me. I had to look away.

Did you know? Scott Porter’s Blake was only supposed to be on the show for two episodes. But they liked his dynamic with Kalinda so much (and probably also with other people) that they kept uping his episode count. I hope he’s on for the rest of the year. I like what he brings to the show but mostly I like what he’s doing to Kalinda.

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