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Covert Affairs “The Wake-Up Bomb” 

Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/USA Network

And they’re back! After a wonderfully quick (or was that just me?) two-month hiatus, Annie and Auggie and team jump right back into action, literally, with Annie waiting around in, and then running all over, Venice, only to have her contact killed, get knocked down and bruised, and lose her assignment. She returns home, licking those wounds and the wounds from her sister and as soon as she gets to the office, Joan tells her to take some time off.

She uses it to move into her new digs and fall into bed with a hot Basque chef, Zavier after a few too many late-night rounds of fine food and liquor, which, combined with her painkillers, have her passing out but not kissing or having sex with him. She gets back to work only to find Joan clutching surveillance pics of her night out (and morning after) because Zavier is on the radar of Spanish intelligence and now he’s her new assignment. Annie hems a bit that if she’s right back at the restaurant that night, Zavier will expect sex and Joan brushes right past that in a “well I’m not saying that, but if you have to, you go!”

So Annie goes and flirts and then Zavier’s recently paroled brother arrives and things get dicey. Annie talks her way back into Zavier’s apartment and then saves Zavier when the restaurant is bombed. Then she gets grabbed by the brother, which results in a waterlogged knockdown drag out between the boys after a car chase takes out a fire hydrant.

On the family front, she almost clears the air with her sister but isn’t asked to come back home. We get too little Auggie (boo!) and the teaser scene and one other are about the only face time the two get in the episode.

Jai is putting out and setting his own fires, offering to spill all to a Senate committee about the CIA leak until his daddy intervenes, he’s called on the carpet, and then when it looks like he’s being walked out of the building, he’s actually being walked upstairs to his swanky new office because he cut a deal.

And that is our setup for the rest of season two. I was glad Zavier survived, and is in Annie’s new neighborhood, so he can pop up again, even if they’re only friends. I hope Annie has to really make a go of things in her own place. She hadn’t really done that yet, going from school to Quantico and back home.

I was surprised we spent as much time on Jai. It will be interesting to see where that goes. I thought this was a much stronger return than the beginning of season two, but that could also just be me because we haven’t had so much time away and the rhythms are still familiar, and welcome.

New episodes of Covert Affairs continue airing on USA Wednesdays this fall at 10 pm ET.

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