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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Dani Gets Billy to Understand His Panic on Necessary Roughness 

Photo Credit: USA Network

I haven’t been watching Necessary Roughness but I may have to start. I’m not terribly familiar with Callie Thorne’s work, and for some reason, I thought this was an adaptation of the 1991 Scott Bakula film. Now that I’m all sorted, I get it—totally different story. Anyway, yesterday, I caught the last 15 minutes of “Spinning Out,” the rerun from last week, and there on my TV was the lovely Matt Barr, playing Billy, a panic-stricken race car driver.

Thorne’s character, Dr. Dani Santiano, straightens him out that he’s panicking because he’s a good, maybe great driver, and not because the other driver bullying him looks down on him. Once he wraps his (pretty little) head around that, he heads to the track and pulls up at the entrance in a monster truck behind said bully’s truck and ever so lightly taps him. The other driver jumps out and Billy swaggers out of his truck and saunters right up to him and tells him plainly that if taps him again on the track, he’s putting him through a wall. Then he gets back in his truck and speeds off. Loved it. We went from wounded to warpath in five minutes.

SO happy to see Barr working–I don’t know if ths was done after Hellcats wrapped or while he was MIA on it, but the beard works. He should definitely keep that. The therapy and confrontation scenes, and an earlier scene of Dani announcing to the police she’s come home to find in her foyer that she’d like to report the premeditated double homicide of her teenage children, were strong enough that I’m coming around to Thorne, so I think I’ll be checking out Necessary Roughness this summer.

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