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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Bobby Appears in Sam & Dean’s Hotel Room, Supernatural “Party On, Garth” 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

There was so much to like about Supernatural‘s latest episode, but a certain Moment of Goodness can’t be denied. With Garth’s help, the Winchesters almost realize that Bobby’s spirit is haunting them. It has to be tied to that flask, right? Well, Sam’s able to explain it away. Right after the beer mysteriously disappeared way back in “Adventures in Babysitting,” he broke out a “talking board” to see if it was Bobby. Nothing. He said he tried the whole EMF angle, too. And got nothing. His conclusion was that what they were doing was simply experiencing the normal grieving process. But that wasn’t it at all.

Ever since the disappearing beer, more things have happened, including what went down in “Party On, Garth.” Dean was fighting the shojo when he lost hold of the samurai sword. Without having to lift a finger or getting any help from Sam or Garth, or even Baxter’s illegitimate son, the sword slid right back to him. Sam should know that if anyone’s going to experience something out of the ordinary, it’s them. All these little unexplainable situations add up to one thing: Bobby’s helping them out when they need it most. It doesn’t matter that they gave him a hunter’s wake (aka funeral pyre). He’s sticking around because the boys need him. Even in death, he can’t let Sam and Dean go it alone.

Moment of Goodness: When Dean has to return to the hotel room because he forgot the flask that’s near and dear to him, Bobby’s standing right there. It looks like Dean’s staring straight at his old friend when he says: “There you are.” Just from the looks on Jim’s and Jensen’s faces, I almost start to tear up. Dean walks in the room and up to Bobby, but he’s only there to retrieve the flask. He quickly leaves the room and heads back to Sam and the car that’s not the Impala (Sorry. I’m just missing that car something fierce). Anyway, Dean was thisclose to believing Bobby was still around. For now, I’m content with the knowledge that it has been the hunter’s ghost helping out in significant ways. It hasn’t been divine intervention. It’s been Bobby intervention. And the last words we’re left with include two of Bobby’s favorites: “I’m right here, you idjit! Balls!”

Even though I’ve had issues with the way Bobby’s been with Dean in the more recent past, I truly believe those two have an amazing connection. Dean’s unknowingly keeping his friend, his mentor alive whenever he uses that flask. I liked that he tried to open his mind to the possibility of Bobby’s spirit being around. And I can’t wait to see how Bobby will continue to affect both Sam’s and Dean’s lives as the season winds down.

It’s hellatus time once again. Supernatural returns with new episodes Friday April 20 at 9/8c on the CW.

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