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Moment of Goodness

Kara’s 2011 TV Goodness Guest Star All-Star: Mark Pellegrino 

Photo Credit: TNT

One thing I’d love to see in 2012? For Mark Pellegrino to get a series regular role on a great television show. Yes, he was a series regular on the excellent first season of Being Human but his demise brought his time as a regular on that show to an end. That, of course, doesn’t mean we won’t see him again on the Syfy series. We just won’t see him in the “present.” And what were his guest starring roles in 2011, you ask? He made a stylish appearance on The Closer as Brenda Leigh Johnson’s defense attorney Gavin Q. Baker III, took another menacing turn as Lucifer on Supernatural, and was escaped-convict-on-the-hunt Virgil Downing on Breakout Kings.

Photo Credit: The CW

I didn’t realize Mark Pellegrino has only been in seven episodes (total) of Supernatural. Two of them are from 2011, but all of them have been powerful. I loved seeing him as Satan. He tormented Sam, but not in the way you think the devil would. He promised to always tell the truth and made quite a compelling argument for Sam to say yes. It was an unexpected delight to see Pellegrino return to this role in “Hello, Cruel World.” The circumstances weren’t great – Sam’s brain is broken – but he was so deliciously good. I wouldn’t mind him playing head games with me. I’m just saying.

Photo Credit: TNT

I’ve never seen Mark Pellegrino like I’ve seen him on The Closer and I love it. I can’t say I’m an expert on all things Pellegrino so it’s possible he’s done something like this before. However, it’s refreshing – at least for me – to see someone stand up to Brenda Leigh Johnson so consistently. I like how confident he is he can win her case and I believe he’ll do what he needs to (within the law, of course) to beat Robert Goldman. Brenda’s never been in better hands. And bonus, he actually likes her too.

Photo Credit: Syfy

I know he wasn’t technically a guest star on Being Human, but I want to talk about the show so I’m lumping it in with everything else he did this year. Need a refresher? Mark Pellegrino plays Bishop, the local vampire leader in Boston. At the beginning of the season he helps Aidan cover up Rebecca’s “murder” and uses Aidan’s guilt and remorse to draw him back into that life. Bishop sees the hospital where Aidan works as a recruitment center and doesn’t listen when Aidan says he wants him out of there. Where else will he find prominent humans to turn into vampires?

Bishop and Aidan have a special bond as he was the one to turn Aidan during the Civil War. He’s used to cleaning up Aidan’s messes. In return, he asks a lot of Aidan. When the 1000 year-old Dutch visit Boston (something they do every 50 years), Aidan is supposed to be at the meeting. The last time they were in town they killed Bishop’s maker. There’s obviously some bad blood there and we subsequently learn Bishop used to be very different. He was in love with a human woman who knew exactly what he was. Aidan tired to pressure Bishop into turning her, but he wouldn’t. When the Dutch killed Bishop’s maker they offered Boston to him to run, but they told him he’d have to leave his human love behind. So instead of having to face the prospect of living without her, he killed her.

Bishop makes a deal with Aidan to extracate Josh from his werewolf death match. With Aidan returned to the fold Marcus, Bishop’s former number two, betrays them. The Dutch want Bishop to take a break from Boston until they return but Bishop has no interest in that. Aidan sides with Bishop instead of the Dutch, but more out of reflex than loyalty. Rebecca kills Marcus when she sees him move in on Aidan. Fearing retribution, Rebecca asks Aidan to kill her which he does. Now it’s war and Bishop has Aidan in his sights.

Aidan thinks he’s safe in his own house but Bishop finds a way in. It’s a surprising scene because Bishop gets in – uninvited – which is no easy feat. He manages to stake (but not kill) Aidan before leaving, but he’s obviously injured in the attempt. After Bishop heals himself, he issues a challenge to Aidan to fight to the death. Aidan manages to kill Bishop with Sally’s help.

Wow. Mark Pellegrino had a great run on the show and I really enjoyed seeing him play both sides. He was tough and unbending but also emotional and vulnerable. And when he tried to ambush Aidan in his own house I was so surprised he got as far as he did. I know there would be a reckoning even though I wasn’t quite ready for Bishop to die. At first I thought I’d be pissed, but I ended up being very satisfied. I have to give credit to Pellegrino as well as the actors and writers for making me feel that way. I’m very interested to see how he’ll make his return in season two. In fact, I’m looking forward to it.

Photo Credit: A&E

I’ve never watched Breakout Kings, so I’ll keep this short. TV Goodness columnist Rueben had some praise for Mark Pellegrino in her May 8th edition of It Was So Good to See You.

Have you enjoyed his guest starring roles this year? Would you like to see even more of him next year? I know I would.

Mark Pellegrino guests on Being Human, The Closer, and Castle in 2012.

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