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Moment of Goodness

Tina’s True Blood Moment of Goodness: Eric and Alcide Hotness, “I’m Alive and on Fire” 

I’m totally going shallow for my Moment of Goodness from this week’s True Blood. Amnesia Eric disappeared so Sookie enlisted Alcide’s help to find him, which is always awesome in my book. The more Alcide the better, you know what I mean? In order to help, the perpetual good guy has to take off all his clothes so he can shift into werewolf mode. Once he gets a whiff of Eric’s scent, he’s on his way. Sookie goes running after him, of course. They find Eric at a lake. While he’s underwater, he’s fine. More than that, he’s looking fine. Meaning, while he’s daring gators to come after him, Eric’s not wearing any clothes. Plus, Alcide shifts back to naked human form and the two immediately get territorial with Sookie. Neither wants the other around.So let’s do a quick recap. We have two naked hotties showing off their supremely wonderful abs growling at each other because they both feel protective of Sookie. How hot is this scene? I didn’t know who to look at more: Alexander Skarsgard or Joe Manganiello. Thankfully, I didn’t really have to choose. Unfortunately, the moment’s over when Eric realizes he’s pretty much allergic to daylight and Sookie covers him up in a blanket. The vamp’s forced to race back to Sookie’s house and Alcide follows in wolf form.

Ultimately, both Eric and Alcide share some really nice non-shallow moments with Sookie. After she gets Eric back to safety, she walks Alcide out. He doesn’t think she should provide shelter to Eric; he thinks it’s too dangerous. But as they hug, Alcide lets her know he’s on her side whatever happens. And it’s this really awesome hug that crackles with chemistry. I envisioned them kissing at this point instead of calling each other friends, even though I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Later in the episode, Sookie’s back down with Eric and she realizes, once again, that Eric’s not the happy, confident vampire with a swagger she’s always known. He’s actually gotten a bit broody and vulnerable. It’s an adorable look on Eric, by the way. I just adore all this Sookie and Eric goodness as much as I enjoy the Sookie-Alcide vibe as well as the Bill-Sookie scenes like the one Kara talks about in her Moment of Goodness. It’s truly an embarrassment of rich chemistry that the show wisely exploits.

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