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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Andrew and Juliet get their Revenge, Ringer “Let’s Kill Bridget” 

Photo Credit: Michael Desmond/The CW

Confession: Ringer is a complete guilty pleasure of mine. I do have some issues with the show but, recently, I’ve really enjoyed what’s been going on. “Let’s Kill Bridget” provided some revenge, revelations and a really unfair tease. You’ll see what I mean in a bit. First, let’s tackle the episode’s Moment of Goodness.


ABC’s Revenge isn’t the only show where payback is a bitch. Catherine had it coming. She engineered an elaborate plan to bilk her ex-hubby out of money. There was much double-and-triple-crossing going on and she used her daughter in a big and bad way. So, when Juliet came to Catherine to ask her to buy Andrew’s house in Palm Springs to help him get out of financial trouble, I really thought it was Juliet’s guilt and love for her father that was her motive behind the kind gesture. And it was. But it was also so much more.

Catherine offered Andrew three million for the house so she could sell it to Tobias Schecht, who’s a loaded green energy investor. Andrew’s ex-wife figured she’d buy the house and then sell the land to Schecht for a huge profit. Little did she know, it was all a ruse to get Andrew’s money back. Schecht was in on it; Andrew was in on it; and so was Juliet. Catherine was left with the Palm Springs house, but as her ex told her, it wasn’t worth that much. Certainly not the cool ten mil she just transferred to Andrew’s account. It was one satisfying Moment of Goodness:

Andrew: “And the last I checked, courts don’t look too fondly on parents who use their daughters to commit fraud. Your days as a mother? They’re over. You so much as come within a city block of Juliet, I’ll have your parental rights stripped so fast your head will spin. Have a nice life, Catherine.”

Ioan Gruffudd must have had so much fun in that scene. He played it all perfectly. A touch of smugness, a touch of viciousness, a touch of glee. He got his money back. He solidified his relationship with Juliet, even though she’s in big trouble. I don’t know what kind of grounding he can give her that’ll cover what she did. Anyway, Gruffudd was awesome. The best he’s been all season. Andrew’s a much better choice for parent, although honestly, he’s not that great a choice either. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely a loving father, but there is the matter of his spearheading a Ponzi scheme that threatens to ruin a lot of investors to think about.

By the way, the oh so sexy Christopher Cousins played the wealthy Tobias Schecht. I always love it when this actor pops up on a show. While he’s well known for being Ted Beneke on AMC’s Breaking Bad, I know him best from two of his credits: He was Cain Rogan on the now canceled soap, One Life to Live. Plus, he did a guest spot on Supernatural in the Season 3 episode called “Bedtime Stories.” The guy has been in everything, however. He’s appeared on a bunch of TV shows including Hawaii Five-O, The Shield, Criminal Minds, Terriers, Las Vegas, and Chuck.


As for Catherine, she still had a trick up her sleeve. She’s the one that put a hit out on Siobhan. Well, her guy’s an idiot because he botches it again. A suspended Machado’s plan to “kill Bridget” almost turned deadly for real. Catherine is just bad news all around.

Henry’s in some deep, deep you-know-what. His father-in-law, Tim (played by the awesomely handsome Gregory Harrison), turned him into the cops for killing Tyler Barrett (which he actually did). I was thinking Henry had been walking around not feeling any guilt over accidentally killing the guy, so I’m actually happy the police are confronting him.

Really Unfair Tease

Here’s one of the things I haven’t been on board with regarding this show. And that’s the fact that Siobhan and Bridget haven’t had any contact since the pilot — and I’m talking other than in flashbacks or near misses or whatever. I want a full on confrontation and I want it now. I certainly want it before the finale. The scene the writers gave us in “Let’s Kill Bridget,” featuring the twins finally coming face to face, upset me because it wasn’t for real. I’m sorry but I watch ABC Family’s The Lying Game and they came up with a great way to have a steady amount of scenes showcasing the twins and all their drama. That’s a lot of what made Season 1 so enjoyable. And I want that same thing for Ringer. Bring it on, already.

Ringer airs Tuesdays on the CW at 9/8c.

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