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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: This Olivia is Peter’s Olivia, Fringe “A Short Story About Love” 

Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/FOX

After watching “A Better Human Being” I assumed there was no alternate timeline for Peter to return to. I wasn’t sure how or why the cortexiphan was activating Olivia’s “lost” memories, but I kind of didn’t care. I was convinced this Olivia was the real deal and that Peter had somehow managed to find his way back to her, even though he wasn’t “home.” So you can imagine my disappointment – and that’s putting it extremely mildly – when I watched “The End of All Things.” Of course I understood that Peter didn’t want to make the same mistake again, but I felt like bringing him and Olivia together just to rip them apart so quickly was cruel. It was cruel to me – I don’t deny how wildly invested I am in these two – and cruel to them. So you can imagine my delight when September told Peter this Olivia is his Olivia.

Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/FOX

Whatever made Peter manifest in this timeline – September says he guesses it’s love and I agree – I’m just glad to know Peter’s exactly where he should be and he needs to be. Now that he and Olivia are back together, I feel like they can take on anything. David Robert Jones is still a huge threat but I feel like he can now be defeated. I don’t know hoe or why, but I feel like it’s possible. He was dosing Olivia with cortexiphan for his own purposes, but the unintended side-effect is that she found love (again) with Peter. There are always complications in this world though. I am worried about Olivia losing her memories. I got a little emotional during her scene with Nina. But I think that if Olivia truly does forget how she feels about Nina, Nina will do everything she can to re-establish some sort of connection with her. And what about Lincoln? I really felt for him in this episode. I loved hearing him say he’d be there if Olivia needed him. And when he and Olivia were talking to who they thought would be Anson Carr’s next victim, we could see how affected he was by her words. I only want Lincoln to give up on Olivia, not on love.

What does all this mean for the future? I don’t know but I’m excited once again to see what strange new cases the fringe division encounters and how the dynamic of the group will change. But more than that, I wonder what Walter will have to say about all this. Will he let himself love his son?

Fringe airs Fridays at 9/8c on Fox.

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  1. Q

    Hey, it’s actually September not November. But yes, good moment!

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