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Gone Too Soon: SYTYCD’s Ryan Ramirez 

Photo Credit: FOX

This is a new feature on people we wanted to get to know better but didn’t have the chance to. Maybe it was a guest star with an arc (or episode) so good, so juicy, so interesting you just wanted more. Maybe it was a character who was killed off suddenly (or not) and you somehow felt cheated. Or in the world of reality TV, maybe it was a contestant who had more potential than they showed or never really connected with the audience. For me, that person is Ryan Ramirez from So You Think You Can Dance. I’m so disappointed she didn’t make it into the Top 10, but I understand why she had to go. Let’s revisit.

Photo credit: FOX

I’ve liked Ryan since last season. I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers how cruelly she was cut. That year the judges went into the homes of the hopefuls and let them know if it was yay or nay. I’m so glad that only lasted one season because I really thought it was unbearably mean. You’re surrounded by your friends and family hoping for good news when you’re told you’re not good enough. Clearly, I’m overidentifying…The show has much better – and less hurtful ways – to be dramatic. Am I right?

After that, I was glad Ryan decided to try again this year and was pretty excited when she made it into the Top 20. I spoke with a few friends about her and they pointed out something I think I’ve just been too stubborn to see: Ryan’s a great dancer but she doesn’t seem to be growing. She’s already so strong and this show is all about helping the dancers grow and become even better. I mean, I certainly don’t feel sorry for Ryan. I’m glad we got to know her and she was able to stick around as long as she did. And if someone like Mia Michaels has taken notice of Ryan, I’m sure she’ll keep getting dancing gigs. Remember that crazy dance number in the last season of House? She was in that. So while I’m sad she’s gone I know there are going to be great things in her future. I hope I get to see her dance again – on the screen, on the stage, in person - soon.

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