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Moment of Goodness

Top Chef Just Desserts “Cocktail with a Twist” 

Photo Credit: Bravo

What the heck is happening here? When did Seth turn into a psychopath? He is all over the place and he decides to blame his mother for that spectacular breakdown? Because, in essence, that’s what he’s doing. He wanted to do something to honor his mom in the quickfire and he runs out of time. What is with the crying? Both Elizabeth and Morgan try to calm him down and they can’t. And then it just goes downhill from there. Zac screws himself in helping Seth and Seth gets booed for some very rude comment. Even though Seth did extremely well last week I would have liked to see him go home this week. I don’t care how talented he is. No one should have to put up with that kind of behavior.

Quickfire Challenge: They are asked to create a dish celebrating penny candy. They have an hour. The guest judge is acclaimed pastry chef and Top Chef Master participant Elizabeth Falkner. She owns Citizen Cake and Orson.

The results:

Yigit: “Strawberries & Cream” with Red Licorice & Citrus

Heather: Vanilla Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit Gelee

Tim: Orange & Pistachio Parfait with Mascarpone & Cream

Morgan: Chick-O-Stick Sable with Malted Milk Ganache & Repulled Banana Lollipop

Malika: Lemon Drop & Strawberry Parfait with Yuzu Cream

Heather C: Browned Butter Almond Financier with Strawberry & Balsamic Vinegar (she didn’t use any of the candy)

Zac: Chocolate & Sour Cream Ho Ho with Red Hot Cream Cheese Filling

Eric: Malted Chocolate Pudding & Malt Ball Cookie

Erika: Strawberry Pop Rocks with Lemon Drop Cookie & Sour Lemon Gelee

Danielle: “Worms in Dirt” – Chocolate Mousse with Lemon Gummies, Malt Balls & Lemon Soda

Seth: Whopper Chiffon Cake with Red Hot Coconut Jam & Passion Fruit Vanilla Sorbet

Bottom: Heather C., Eric, and Seth

Top: Heather H., Danielle, and Zac.

Winner: Danielle. She’s got immunity.

Elimination Challenge: James Beard and Top Chef Master veteran Mark Peel owns The Tar Pit, which is where they’re going for their next challenge. I’ve loved him the two times he’s been on Top Chef Masters. I really like him.

They have to create a dish inspired by a great cocktail and they’re going behind the bar to shop for their ingredients. They’ll have 2 minutes each to “shop” then 3 hours in the Top Chef kitchen. They’ll have to impress 25 barflys plus the judges. They don’t all “shop” at the same time.

Seth is a spaz in the kitchen and the other chefs are dumbfounded. So many people don’t understand what’s going on him. They want him to act more professional. Seth thinks people are against him. Well, I would be. I really like that Morgan calls him an ass.

The next day they have one hour at The Tar Pit to plate 30 desserts. The kitchen is small. 3 chefs will go at a time.

This week’s judges: Johnny, Elizabeth, Hubert Keller, Mark Peel, and Daphne Brogdon (Mark’s business partner & wife).

Erika: Margarita Bombe with a Lime Cookie, Tequila Mousse & Grand Marnier Crème Brulee

Danielle: Lime & Lemon Curd Tart, Toasted Coconut with Rum Sabayon

Eric: Pineapple Bourbon Upside Down Cake


They like the subtlety of Erika’s dessert. Erika embraced her cocktail flavor.

Johnny doesn’t think Danielle’s resembles a cocktail at all. Hubert feels like it misses but it’s a good dessert. Good texture.

Eric’s is visually simple and has the most flavor. Elizabeth says she got a lot of bourbon flavor so it’s like a cocktail.

Yigit: Campari & Blood Orange Agar Agar with Citrus Vanilla Panna Cotta & Basil Ice Cream

Morgan: Cola Spiced Whisky Cake with Coke Fluid Gel

Heather C.: Gingerbread Cake with Rum Caramel Sauce


Yigit’s looks like a fun dessert. Johnny wanted him to think a bit more about the plating because the ice cream is melting.

Hubert likes Morgan’s gelee. It pops in the mouth.

Heather C’s doesn’t come together. Elizabeth didn’t taste any lime.

Seth: Blueberry Gimlet Cake with Lemon & Lime Juice, Juniper Soda

Malika: Blood Orange & Blackberry Mojito Cake with White Chocolate Mousse

Heather H.: White Russian Stack


Malika’s is the least successful for Elizabeth. Hubert said it reminds him of a sugary dessert that if you eat the whole thing you pass out. Gail thinks it was heavy handed.

Hubert says there’s too much going on with Heather’s. Johnny says less components would have been better.

Johnny needs more gin in Seth’s. Elizabeth says blue in the pastry world is usually a faux pas.

Zac: Benedictine Bombe – Dark Chocolate Malt Cake with Benedictine Cremeux

Tim: Basil Pudding with Orange, Kumquat & Lime Granita


Johnny says Zac really grabbed the bull by the horns. Elizabeth isn’t getting the full effect of the cocktail.

Johnny wants Tim to get away from the comfort of a bowl. Elizabeth calls it a mess. Mark likes the flavors but agrees it’s messy.

Gail asks to see Erika, Yigit, and Eric.

Seth thinks people are very hard on him but he’s not letting people finish speaking their thoughts before interrupts. He says he made himself vulnerable in front of them and they’re taking advantage. He tells them to all suck it and says he’s going to win it all. They boo him. Argh. What a spoiled brat baby. Booooo.

Judge’s Table

Erika. Her favorite drink is a margarita so she wanted to keep it simple. Johnny says it was well plated, well balanced. Gail says the tequila sauce was beautiful.

Eric. Hubert says it was well executed. The carmelization on the pineapple stood out. Elizabeth wants him to think about the aesthetic.

Yigit. He wanted to compare something with campari. Gail says they were impressed. Elizabeth thought it was a beautiful, colorful interpretation. Liked how cold it was. Hubert liked the consistency and creaminess.

Winner: Erika. Yay! How excitws for her. She feels good about her win.

Bottom 3: Malika, Tim, and Seth

Tim. The end result was how he envisioned it. Johnny says it became a soupy mess. His flavors are almost always spot on he just has trouble putting it together.

Seth. He knows he made too many components. Hubert says he’s being too harsh on himself. Johnny thinks Seth’s trying to do too much, too fast. Seth can’t promise he won’t have another breakdown.

Malika. Hubert says it went wrong in portion size; it was too big. Johnny asks why this is the 2nd time she’s had timing issues in the kitchen.

I’m sad to see go-to mama Tim leave. But even though the judges think his flavors are spot on. Tim is also surprised he’s leaving but says he isn’t going to change his style. I guess they’re willing to give Seth and Malika another chance.


Morgan says he and Seth are the only heterosexual males in the house. Hmmmm. I believe Morgan is the only straight guy in that house.

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