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Moment of Goodness

Bones “The Mastodon in the Room” 

Photo Credit: Fox

My only (very slight) disappointment in last night’s premiere was that we didn’t get a chance to meet Booth’s journalist/war correspondent girlfriend. I understand that the episode is all about the team getting back together and helping save one of their own, but still. And it was so nice to see everyone – who was scattered from Afghanistan, to Indonesia, to Paris – come back together. I’ve missed them terribly.

Caroline knows Cam is in trouble. She’s been unable to confirm or deny the identity of the child’s remains she’s had on her table for months. People are clamoring to know whether or not the child is Logan Bartlett. The justice department wants to shut Cam up about her findings on brain damage in veterans and they’ll use any excuse they can to find her incompetent so they can dismiss her. Caroline actually likes Cam so she pulls out all the stops in getting the team back together. The only challenge is that they aren’t in the Jeffersonian. Cam has had to move to much less glamourous and not-so-state-of-the-art digs at the Federal Coroner’s Lab.

After Booth interviews Logan Bartlett’s parents again he thinks there is something off with the father. But before he can pursue that, the team confirms that the remains aren’t Logan. Hodgins does his bug-guy stuff (didn’t you like that technical term? I know he’s entomologist) and helps them track down where the blanket covering the dead child was manufactured – North Korea. Bones and her team also discover what they thought was murder is an accidental death. Booth and Bones find the child’s mother and grandfather and tell them they know what happened. Shortly after, Booth and Bones track Mr. Bartlett down at a playground. He kidnapped his child to get back at his wife.

Favorite moments:

Bones finds she’s only afraid of snakes when Booth is around to be jumped on.

Brennan tells Lucy to look like a woman. When Brennan turns around she sees Lucy’s in her underwear. Lucy offers to take off more if that isn’t working.

Sweets in a hat, playing the piano while he’s on sabbatical “rethinking” his life priorities.

Seeing Booth with Parker. It wasn’t so awesome though when Parker asked his dad if he killed anyone. Yikes.

Getting Wendell back on board. I love that he’s a working class guy who went back to what he knows to earn some money. I love it even more that he’s back with the team.

Lucy tells Lance she was led astray by her brain.

Angela is pregnant! It’s fast but those two are so meant for each other. I can’t wait to see how they argue about raising that child.

Booth wanting to be the lynchpin of the group. 


When will Sweets and Lucy get back together? I think we all know it’s just a matter of time. I mean, did you see that kiss? p.s. Please make Sweets get rid of that facial hair ASAP.

Are we ok with this whole Booth/Hannah thing? I want him to be happy so I am. I do believe he ultimately belongs with Bones but until she’s ready to take a chance on love, I like seeing Booth trying to make it work with someone else. I just hope he’s putting his whole heart into it (if that’s even possible).

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