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Moment of Goodness

It’s Complicated: Nora Chooses Her Wolf Over Josh, Being Human “The Ties That Blind” 

Photo Credit: Syfy

I’m the first to admit I haven’t always been the biggest Josh and Nora fan. I did like that Josh had someone he could turn to after he accidentally turned her, but lately their relationship has felt so tortured. They love each other but they don’t really seem to understand each other. Josh hates his wolf. He sees his wolf as an affliction he must bear once a month. He’s putting some of his medical know-how to work so he can find a cure. Nora actually remembers what she does – at least partially – when she wolfs out. She – like the twins – wants to be a wolf all the time. When Nora decided to take a two week break from her life and responsibilities in Boston, we discover she was alone – not thinking about how wrong it was to kill her ex but how good it feels that he’s no longer around. Houston, we have a problem.

I guess it was only a matter of time before Josh and Nora broke up. Nora has said she didn’t want them to be together only because they were monsters, so maybe they’re breaking up because they’re different kinds of monsters. Josh just wants to be human. He’s never made a secret of that. Nora, now that she’s been turned into a wolf and experienced the freedom and power that comes with that, wants to be a monster. But she’s only a monster in Josh’s eyes, not her own. Josh thinks Nora was hiding on the cape because of what she’d done, but she tells him she was actually hiding because she felt no remorse. Tearing her ex apart wasn’t a choice, it was instinct. But she’s not sorry she did it.

And it was interesting to see Nora’s reaction to Josh turning on his own pack. Part of her loves that he gave in to his true nature – gave in to the beast. But a smaller part of her is angry he’d turn on his own kind. Nora wants to do this with Josh, she wants them to be wolves together. All Josh wants is to forget and after Aidan kills Connor (wow, I seriously didn’t see that coming), and orders Brynn out of Boston I think we all know it’s the end of Josh and Nora. I think Nora’s going to leave town with the one remaining member of her pack.

Photo Credit: Syfy

Another interesting development

I’m glad that Danny storyline was dispatched so quickly and helped move along the reaper storyline. I liked meeting the reaper and seeing how him finally revealing himself affected Sally. It was interesting to hear Sally talk about how she’s had to watch people from her life move on. When she met Aidan and Josh she finally felt like part of a family, but she’s had to watch them move on without her too. I don’t think she’s really ready to go – she hasn’t even said a proper goodbye – but the reaper’s got a quota to meet and apparently Sally’s next on the list.

Being Human airs Mondays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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