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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Wu Finally Learns The Truth, Grimm “Chupacabra” 

Moment of Goodness: Wu Finally Learns The Truth, Grimm “Chupacabra”
Photo Credit: Scott Green/NBC
Photo Credit: Scott Green/NBC
Photo Credit: Scott Green/NBC

WARNING: Grimm spoilers

This season, it’s been difficult to watch a frustrated Wu try to figure things out in his head. He knows something weird’s going on in Portland. He just doesn’t know what.

When he can’t put two and two together, he goes to Nick and Hank because he knows those two are clued in. He just doesn’t know how. And when he runs into a brick wall with them, he’s forced to go to his captain. As for Renard, you know him. He’s not about to give up anything about what’s going on. That man guards secrets like there’s no tomorrow. Prime example:

Wu: “Cause of death in each one of these cases is what I would call Portland deaths. And by that I mean…it’s weird. We have an assortment of exploding stomachs, throats ripped open, bodies cut in half, limbs chewed off and so forth. But they have one thing in common. They were all handled by Burkhardt and Griffin. And this one. Suspect was stabbed death. Case closed. And this one the suspect was shot to death. Case closed. And this one suspect was captured and declared mentally unfit to stand trial. Case closed.”

Renard: “And your point is?”

Wu: “I want to know how they’re solving these cases when the evidence doesn’t lead to the suspect. What are they seeing that I’m not?”

Renard: “That’s what makes them good detectives. They see things we can’t.”

Ouch. Renard tells the truth but at the same time it sounds like he’s saying Wu isn’t as good a detective as Nick and Hank. I feel so bad for Wu at this point. The guy knows he’s on to something.

Later, Wu is on the hunt for whatever’s attacking people (killing them in some cases). Something runs in front of the car he’s driving and he gets out and gives it a chase. When he comes upon the human version of the Original Chupacabra (the Woeldreor — sp?), he still is not ready to accept the unthinkable. He thinks the guy was attacked. And when he turns his back on him, the infected Wesen runs away.

Wu doesn’t know what to think. He’s highly agitated. He’s desperate to know the answers. And he confronts Nick and Hank with his questions outside the house where the Wesen Perpetrator of the Week, Diego, lives with his Wesen wife.

Wu: “I need you to answer a few questions for me. I’ve been thinking about it. A lot. And this job requires someone with stable mind and body. To be honest? Stable is far from what I’m feeling right now.”

Nick: “Wu, you’re good at what you do.”

Wu: “No, I’m not. I don’t know what’s real anymore. I don’t know what the answer is. But I’m seeing things that I can’t explain. All I know is? I’m gonna leave the best job I’ve ever had and you’re gonna let me.”

Hank: “Wu, this is not the time.”

Wu: “No, Hank. It never is. I think you both know what’s going on. And for some reason, you’re leaving me in the dark. I just hope it’s a really good reason. So I’m done.”

Hank: “That’s it. I’m telling him.”

Nick: “We both are.”

Nick and Hank want to know what Wu knows. Wu says uh uh. He wants to know about Trubel and the books that we’re in Nick’s house. Before anything goes further, Diego attacks Belem, his wife, and Wu sees firsthand that things in Portland are different. So different. It’s his instinct to shoot and kill the monster. But Nick stops him. After all, he knows the backstory. That this guy got infected when he was down in the Dominican Republic. He knows this guy doesn’t mean to kill or hurt. He’s a married Wesen doctor who has this disease that turns him into this.

Nick: “He’s Wesen. And he’s sick. What you saw is real.”

Wu freaks the you-know-what out and leaves. Hank goes after him but it’s too little too late. Wu exits stage right but quick. He tries to drink away his troubles. All that gets him is a flashback of every weird thing he’s seen as a cop. He also thinks he sees a monster in the mirror. He lashes out and throws a glass at the mirror and then lashes out at the guys who try to restrain him. All that gets him is a trip behind bars.

Wu haves some sort of breakdown. And, for one, I am all about this reaction. Wu’s road to realizing the truth was a slow burn. But now that it’s here, it’s so satisfying. Wu gets to have a realistic reaction to knowing that there are these creatures out there. Ones that are so different from humans. Yet they go through many of the same things. Reggie Lee is fantastic in this episode. How satisfying is it to finally see him play out this storyline?

I love that this development came in the mid-season finale. It’s my favorite of the developments that goes down in “Chupacabra.” But let’s touch on some of the other things that went down.

Juliette a hexenbiest? What? Maybe she shouldn’t have agreed to that spell that turned her into Adalind. I’m actually anxious to see what’s ahead for her.

Photo Credit: Scott Green/NBC
Photo Credit: Scott Green/NBC

And I don’t mind admitting that I’m deeply afraid of what’s going to happen to Monroe and Rosalee. The Secundum Naturae Order Nam Wesen is a scary organization. On a recent press call, Bree Turner said “Chupacabra” was one of her favorite episodes:

Bree Turner: I think this Chupacabra episode was one of my favorite this series. I think there’s so much packed into this episode, it’s not confusing. It’s a tight episode, well written, well directed. There’s a lot of pay-offs at the end of it and it’s very emotional and I think it just got to – it’s the best of Grimm’s I think in the Chupacabra.

But she also had this to say about what’s next for Rosalee and Monroe:

Bree: In this mid-season finale, by the end of the episode, you see that there’s no more teasing, that [the Secundum] have now fully entrenched themselves into our home and our world and you know one of us has our life dangling in the balance and it’s very scary. And the next several episodes back in January…this is a major storyline for the second half of the season dealing with…will they even physically survive this terror attack? And how are they going to respond to being on the front line of change? And can their relationship really hold up to this? This isn’t like the in-laws not liking you. This is very, very serious life-and-death stuff. So very scary, very hard to shoot and very satisfying so we’re thrilled and simultaneously sick to our stomach the whole time, but I think the fans are going to really enjoy it.

Grimm returns with new episodes January 9, 2015.

Interview edited for space and content.

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