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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Kiera and Alec Reconcile, Continuum “Last Minute” 

Photo Credit: Showcase
Photo Credit: Showcase

[Warning: Spoilers for “Last Minute.”]

So, last week’s episode was chock full of OMG-ness but the moment that left me sort of flat was Alec and Kiera parting ways without touching each other, especially after Emily’s unintentionally hilarious line to Kiera about how forgiving he is. I’m guessing she meant that in reference to her killing his dad, but I wasn’t seeing it between Kiera and Alec, who still had A LOT to sort through. He biffed the timeline to get back to his girlfriend and got Kiera killed and she locked him up for it.

By the time we got to “The Dying Minutes” last week, Kiera was facing up to her crappy impulse decision to lock Scar Alec up and leave the current timeline version in place. As the episode closed, she essentially released Scar Alec into the wild, with her timeline still adrift. This week, when current Alec takes out a hit on Scar Alec and Emily, Kiera can finally own up to the only real choice left–current Alec has got to go. And even Jason is in agreement.

It ends up being on Scar Alec to actually pull the trigger on that decision when current Alec turns out to be LoJacked. In a really super killer fight scene on the roof of a Vancouver high rise, both Alecs throw down, and Scar Alec (Good Alec) prevails. Current Alec (Bad Alec) dies a nasty bloody death impaled by his time travel device, which he pulls out of his neck while seething at a just-arrived Kiera, “Your future dies with me.”

He bleeds out, and Kiera, unsure of who she’s watching die can only repeat “No, no.” Good Alec stands up while Kiera levels a gun at him, and tells her “That’s not true, Kiera. What he said, there’s no way to know.” She keeps watching him, and he knows he has to prove his identity. “It’s me. It’s me. Even in that cage, I knew you’d come back for me,” he says. And that’s enough. Kiera starts to tear up, “I chose you. I chose you because I believe in a better future than mine. One that I know you will build.” They’re both sobbing, and he rushes into her arms, telling her he’s sorry, and they just hold onto each other, with dead Alec on the roof behind them.

And it’s LONG overdue because they spent so much of the season apart. They’re where the story began, so we (and yes, I) needed them to reconcile. As Brad told Kiera, Alec is her family. I’ve missed Rachel Nichols and Erik Knudsen together onscreen, and they completely bring it in the rooftop scene.

Thankfully we at home also get confirmation that it’s Good Alec who lived when Kiera transplants the LoJack. The happy moment doesn’t last long as he finds out that Kellog has been instigating a coup and he’s out as CEO, so we’ll have to pick that up next season (being hopeful here).

I’m sure the new Liber8/Vancouver PD/Kiera alliance will defeat Kellog soon enough. Or it would, if Kiera and Brad hadn’t just welcomed the arrival of some scary-looking alien bot dudes, and the shadowy traveler (I’m voting that it’s Brad or Kellog) hadn’t just proclaimed, “It has begun.” Eep.

At least the gang’s all on the same page. I really, really hope we come back next year. “Last Minute” repeats only once–tonight at 1:30 am/12:30c.

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