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Smallville “Lazarus” 

Photo Credit: The CW

Let me start with a disclaimer: I do not pretend to be a Superman fangirl or possessor of all Superman-related knowledge. I know what green, red, and blue kryptonite can do to Clark but I can’t even pretend to keep up with all the villains and good guys in Superman mythology and lore. Having said all that, I will tell you that I’m usually a big fan of this show. I really like where they’ve been taking us over the years (with a few exceptions) and I’m happy to be along for the ride during the final season. Let’s get to recapping.

We know once and for all what has happened to Lex: he died two years ago. Even though Evil Lex was the one giving Clark this intel I’m going to choose to believe it. I would love nothing more to see Michael Rosenbaum return to this show, so I would also love that intel to be false. Lex is Superman’s ultimate enemy. How can we not see him one more time before the series finale? Should make bets? I’m so in.

I’ve always been a fan of Erica Durance and I really like where the Lois/Clark relationship is going. I’m still not sure how I feel about her knowing Clark’s secret though. I would have preferred that Clark confide in Lois but I can understand why he’s scared to share. Every person who learns Clark’s secret is in danger and, of course, he doesn’t want to endanger the woman he loves. I will admit I’m glad Lois decided to go to Africa. Her having to pretend not to know things – what was that dropped pen business? Hated it – could get very tedious very quickly. And it’s not like she’ll be gone forever. Absence will make their hearts grow fonder.

Is Allison Mack lost to us forever? When Chloe’s beloved Oliver was kidnapped she decided to brave Dr. Fate’s helmet to find him. And that isn’t something you put on lightly; it’s been known to drive people insane. But Chloe gets the information she needs out of it – information that helps her save Oliver and information that she gives to Clark to help him find Cadmus Labs. When Chloe trades herself for Oliver, it seems like none of the people she loves will ever see her again.

Lex has clones. I know this is a sci-fi show. I didn’t like the clones storyline although I will admit to liking the fact that Tess takes Alexander home with her. He seems innocent enough but I guess we’ll see. And considering he helped heal Tess’s face, it was the least she could do.

Clark still has daddy issues. It was so nice seeing John Schneider’s Jonathan Kent come back into Clark’s life. I hope he continues to stick around and give his son the advice he needs to hear to continue his journey to becoming Superman. It’s important that Clark hear a differing opinion then that of Jor-El. God, he’s such a gloom-and-doom kind of person. Spirit? Beeing? Zip it Jor-El. Stop making Clark doubt himself.

Who or what is this greater evil? That gathering cloud dust coalesced into something but I don’t know what that was. Any guesses?

Did you get goose bumps when you saw the suit?

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