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Moment of Goodness

Fairly Legal’s Moment of Goodness: Kate Sees Justice Done 

Photo credit: USA Network

I think I’m really gonna like Sarah Shahi‘s Kate. Not only does she seem to be able to talk herself out of any jam, but she’s more interested in seeing justice done then following the exact letter of the law. Even though she’s no longer a lawyer I’m glad to see she’s interested in doing the right thing.

Kate is tasked with bringing a father and son together on a deal, but she’s more interested in knowing the truth about Doug’s accident. Charles thinks it will stall the deal but Kate doesn’t think it has to. Even though the guy flashing the gun deserves to do his time, the driver of the car has no priors and is on his way to Yale. He shouldn’t be punished for his cousin’s mistake or for the dirty little secret Doug is hiding.  My moment of goodness is when Kate proves she knows what Doug was up to that night – she’s got photographic evidence. I like that Kate is tenacious and does what she needs to do to discover the truth. I also like that Kate shows up at the courthouse to make sure Nathan is actually released for jail.

I also think I’m going to enjoy getting to know more about Kate’s complicated relationship with her dead father, her living step-mother, and her sexy ex-husband. I’m hooked already.

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