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Aurora Teagarden Preview: Last Scene Alive 

Aurora Teagarden Preview: Last Scene Alive
Photo Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Crown Media United States LLC
Photo Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Crown Media United States LLC

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Aurora Teagarden is already up to its seventh film based on the Charlaine Harris book series with Sunday night’s premiere of Last Scene Alive on Hallmark Mysteries & Movies. I haven’t watched all of the movies, but this one caught my eye because it marks the return of Robin Dunne as mystery writer Robin Daniels, Ro’s friend and very brief paramour in the second film (which you can catch Sunday morning at 11 am/10c).

In Last Scene Alive, Robin (the character) is back in Lawrenceton because he’s written a new novel that’s been adapted for a movie which is about to start production in town. All of that is news to Ro, as is the little tidbit that the book and movie are loosely based on her and her skills as a librarian sleuth.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Crown Media United States LLC

While initially a bit reticent to have herself fictionalized, she warms up to the idea, but Robin’s return ruffles the usually calm, cool, and collected Martin, who’s already on edge because of some drama around one of his own friends. Ro spending time with Robin doesn’t help.

The murder mystery comes into play when the actress playing the fictional version of Ro is discovered murdered on the set, which sets off some danger for the actual Ro and a string of pointed fingers and accusations until Ro and the Real Murders Club eventually narrow down the suspect list.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Crown Media United States LLC

The movie is a solid outing for the franchise and I especially enjoyed having Dunne back as a character the viewers and the characters know. Almost all of the core cast return, and they’re a very well-oiled machine as they begin their fourth year in these roles.

Candace Cameron Bure is joined by Yannick Bisson as Martin, Marilu Henner as Aida, Peter Benson as Arthur, Miranda Frigon as Lynn, Scott Lyster, as Perry, Ellie Harvie as Lillian, and Catherine Lough Haggquist as Terry. Sally (Lexa Doig) sits this one out since Doig was shooting The Arrangement, as does Bruce Dawson, who has played Aida’s beau, John.

Guest stars include familiar Hallmark regular Brenda Crichlow as the film’s producer, Ellen, Barclay Hope (who a whole lot of people now know as bad dad Cliff Blossom from Riverdale) as the film’s director, Joel, who strikes up a friendship with Aida, When Calls the Heart/Garage Sale Mystery‘s Andrew Dunbar as the director’s assistant, Will, and Dunne’s real-life wife Farrah Aviva (UnReal) as Taylor, who has more on her mind being on set that manning the craft services table. Martin Wood directs a script by Teena Booth–it’s his third and her sixth time on the series.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Crown Media United States LLC

Last Scene Alive An Aurora Teagarden Mystery premieres Sunday at 9 pm/8c on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries after a daylong marathon of the previous six films, which begins at 9 am/8c. Here’s a sneak peek of the new movie.

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  1. Kay

    I sure hope Lexa Doig and Bruce Dawson return if there are any new movies as they help make that murder mystery worth watching. Hope Yannick Bisson isn’t leaving the show since the ending was he was leaving to help find a friend and his family who were missing. Bure and Bisson make an excellent team as does Dawson and Henner!

    1. Heather M

      Hi Kay. I know Lexa was shooting The Arrangement, in LA from the looks of her Instagram, when this one filmed, so I’d expect her to be back in the next one if her series commitment doesn’t conflict. Yannick is the lead of Murdoch Mysteries, which shoots in Toronto, so they may be letting him sit out the next one to work on his show, since these film in the Vancouver area. I’m just guessing on both accounts. I don’t have any info on what the plans are for additional films. I’m not sure why Dawson wasn’t in this one.

      1. sandie Evans

        Please bring Martin back. I would like John back also. When is Martin’s series he’s working on TV?sandie

    2. Brittany

      When will Last Scene Alive An Aurora Teagarden Mystery be coming out to Canada

  2. Mary M Smith

    Candace Cameron Bure and Yannick Bisson have great chemistry,I hope
    he returns to the show.

    1. Brittany

      When will Last Scene Alive An Aurora Teagarden be coming out in Canada

      1. Heather M

        Hi Brittany, I do not know. I’d say keep an eye on whichever network has aired the predecessors.

        1. Brittany

          Okay thanks Heather M

    2. Martie Kilmer

      me too….it is rare that you have that kind of chemistry on a show…would be a shame to kill it…don’t know if I will continue to watch if he is gone.

  3. S Pinnell

    If Bisson leaves the series, it will never be the same. He is a keeper.

  4. PJ

    On Candance Bure twitter account age says Sally will be back but not Martin. From the ending of this movie seems like he may either die as he does in the books or disappears in SouthAmerica. Either way..a loss to this franchise

    1. Susan Young

      The series will not be the same if Martin leaves!
      I’ll probably stop watching ! I really didn’t like this “Last Scene Alive”,. Martin and roe had such great chemistry together. I like him better in this TV series than Murdoch Mysteries!

  5. Vickilee Gunn

    I will be very sad if “Martin” as portrayed by Yannick Bisson is no longer a part of this series… very sad. I missed both Lexa Doig and Bruce Dawson in the latest movie as well. But Mr. Bisson leaving would be a great loss.

  6. Su H.

    I have followed the series. John will greatly be missed and Sally is a great
    friend for Ro. Sometimes you can make to many changes.then. However, I never got the bond between Ro and Martin.

  7. Dolores.

    Please bring Martin back the chemistry between him in Ro was amazing. I look forward to each episode it is exciting and fast moving to me . Also what about John can he come back. He was the head of the mystery book club … I realize he was rejected by Ro mother. But couldn’t they still keep him on. I just wish they would of never made changes. As the saying goes ‘if it’s not broken. Don’t fix it ‘. cause it changes a Great show ….. thank you. Dolores

  8. Sarah

    Agree with all comments. Food for thought—is Candace starting to look a little old to play this character?

    1. Heather M

      Hi Sarah. I haven’t read the books so I have no frame of reference for how old she is in the book series. I’d guess that these will run as long as Candace wants to do them, and for the Hallmark crowd, I’d also guess the movies are viewed as their own thing now, since they’re on the eighth production. For my money, I’m thrilled an actress in her 40s is headlining a franchise.

    2. CheronSD

      She is definitely too old to be flitting from boyfriend to boyfriend in this series. If Martin hasn’t died and she is supposedly missing him, why bring in the college professor like she’s ready for a new relationship. It’s too much. My fav character in this series is John Queensland (actor Bruce Dawson). Where is he? Saying he moved away to be near is grandchildren is lame at best. He was/is an integral part of this series, supporting Roe’s sleuthing and being a member of the Real Murders Club. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t marry Aida. And she too is too old to be flitting from relationship to relationship and like a teenager flirting with the movie director. I stopped liking her because of that. What was once classy about her became trashy.

  9. Teresa

    Please please!!! I sure hope Lexa Doig and Bruce Dawson return! This episode was good but I sure miss them!!!

  10. Susan Smith

    Bring Martin back, and John too! The series is not the same without them

  11. nancy phillips

    love this show. however it will be ruined if u take away bisson. The new
    character who is going to b the love interest of the mother is good. he
    fits better than dawson.

    The old shows with myrna loy as mrs charles was great in my moms
    years but if they took away the dog would have had an effect
    and that is what will happen if bison leaves. he has great chemistry
    with aurora.

  12. Becky

    Why is aurora back living at her mom’s

  13. Shaunte

    Love the series but I just believe that Martin should return he his great with Aurora

  14. Connie

    In the latest show, “Reap what you Sew”, which aired this past Sunday, April 15, Ro makes the comment “when Martin told me he wasn’t coming back, I was lonely. But then I realized I have so many friends…” or something like that – not an exact quote. I’m bummed.

  15. Abal

    Bring back Bisson. No good without him! Too many changes will not make it! Loved the two of them together- Ro and Martin!!!!!

  16. Dorothy Vettel

    Bring back John and Martin!!

  17. Rosalind

    Is Yannick Bisson really leaving “Aurora Teagarden”?

    1. Heather M

      Hi Rosalind. If you scroll through comments you’ll see that Candace Cameron Bure confirmed on Twitter that he won’t be back.

  18. Eleanor Stutzman

    It would be nice to know the reason these actor’s/actresses leave the show. This is the third hallmark movie series that lost a great actor that fit into each of their rolls perfectly. I did find info about the departure of the chief police on The Good Witch; and also of Mountie Jack in “Wen Calls the Heart”. What about Martin on “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, and John. It just seems we always lose the best. I hope nothing happens to Jim Denton on The Good Witch.

    1. Heather M

      Hi Eleanor. Similar to the situation with Chris Potter having a “day job” with his regular role on Heartland, Yannick is the lead on the Canadian series Murdoch Mysteries, which airs on Ovation in the US as The Artful Detective. It’s in production now on its 12th season. The series films in Toronto, and these movies film in Vancouver, so my complete guess is that once these films moved to block shooting a couple/three at a time, he couldn’t commit to both projects along with any other work he’d like to do. I do not know anything about Bruce Dawson’s other projects.

  19. BA

    I still think Martin was the best actor and the series is flat without him. They could surely bring him back when he has a slot open because no other lead has his impact. They were such a believable couple.

    1. Brittany

      okay thanks BA for the information

  20. Bonnie Brohard

    I hope Martin comes back to the show. They were a great couple and the show seemed to portray they had a future together.

  21. CheronSD

    Where is John Queensland (actor Bruce Dawson)? He was my fav character in this show, playing effectively as a sleuthing partner of Roe’s and as a part of the Real Murders Club. He just disappeared and a comment that he moved away to be near his grandchildren is not good enough, it is lame at best. Bring him back to support this dying series. We have lost too many anchors, Martin, Sally and John for this show to work now.

    1. Brittany

      Ok thanks CHERONSD

  22. D, Newton

    Bring back John, Martin and Sally. Didn’t care for Last Scene Alive; too many characters gone. Not the same without Martin and John. Glad Sally was back in the last one.

  23. Scook

    Bring back John!!!!!!!!!

    1. Brittany

      Thanks D.newton and Snook

  24. Frances Dean

    I have to agree … just when I am intrigued with a series, the story line & the actors, everything changes. Bring back Martin, John & Sally. While I am at it … totally, I mean totally, as many would agree, disappointed when Jack left When Calls the Heart & left Elizabeth to raise their son herself. Very bad timing for him to leave the show. What is wrong with the Hallmark Channel?

    1. Heather M

      Hi Frances — look for my recent interview with Yannick Bisson. He was unable to continue as Martin due to his commitment to the episodic series Murdoch Mysteries, which shoots in Toronto. As I understand it, Daniel left WCTH when his contract ended and returned home to Australia, so both were personal choices by the actors. I don’t know why John was written out. Sally is still in the films.

  25. Diana BROWN

    I enjoy these movies.I like the characters and the people that protray them.However I did not like Martin as a love interest for Roe.I like the one she has now.He is very manly and caring he also makes you want to watch on to see what happens next.I just adore Sally she and Roe make great friends and she fits the part.

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