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TV Goodness Teaser: Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose Talk Haven Season Five [INTERVIEW] 

Photo Credit: Steven Wilkie/Syfy
Photo Credit: Steven Wilkie/Syfy

[Warning: General spoilers for Haven season five.]

We’re a week away from Haven‘s fifth season (woo and hoo!) and last week, we attended a press call with series stars Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose. They spent so much time with us that you’re getting two features! Here in part one, they chat about super-sizing the season and dealing with Mara.

When Haven wrapped last winter, we didn’t know whether they’d be back, and the wait was even longer for the cast, who had wrapped production a few months before the finale aired. When the news came, we were delighted to hear we were getting 26 new episodes. Behind the scenes, that meant everybody was trekking it up to Halifax for an eight-month stint. Now that they have the first 13 episodes of that order in the can, they’re taking a tiny breather before they start the second batch.

Rose admits that she misses Audrey, but it sounds like we’ll have a little while to wait to see her again, since Mara is front and center out the gate in the new season. [Ed note: at press time we have not yet screened the premiere]. Rose was up to the challenge of slipping into the new role, but shares that there are times when saying what Mara says and doing what Mara does have rattled her a bit. The crew have told her Mara is a character they “love to hate.”

Photo Credit: Steven Wilkie/Syfy
Photo Credit: Steven Wilkie/Syfy

“When they gave me that last sentence [in the fourth season finale] in the cave as Mara, I didn’t know that she would be a big main character this year. I’m glad, though. That was a really pleasant surprise, and a cool challenge,” she says. “It’s interesting to come back every year [as someone different]. Everybody else knows their character backward and forward and [I’m getting] to know someone new all over again.”

She adds that giving birth to a new character and working out her personality with the showrunners and writers was a new adventure. “It’s very exciting and was a real gift. I really appreciate them giving her to me,” she says.

Rose points out that Audrey was always in a sort of melancholy state, so to play someone who is on top of things and has sheer joy and delight in how she relates to everyone around her, was a real pleasure. “It’s always fun when you take these normal relationships and mix them up,” she says. “It creates a fun environment on set.”

“I never expected [Haven to allow me] to play so many different characters. [Mara’s] personality is a blast, even though there are definitely moments in the season where she made me really uncomfortable and I didn’t like playing her, but [overall] I do enjoy playing her and being evil, so I don’t know what that says about me. I hope I get to play her for a long time. We don’t know if Audrey is coming back, or how…or when,” she teases.

Bryant says that Rose is incredible “as always, but exceptionally so” as Mara. “It’s a total treat to play with her except that she kicks my ass all over town,” he adds. During the call, Rose interjected that Audrey did that, too, so Bryant clarified that Mara kicks his “mental bottom.” He couldn’t give us spoilers but he did share that “She’s a nightmare…a force.”

Photo Credit: Steven Wilkie/Syfy
Photo Credit: Steven Wilkie/Syfy

One of the reporters asked Bryant about being a “love sucker,” and he happily ran off with that. “I enjoy being the love sucker…I will be the love sucker as long as I please,” he says. “Anytime that Audrey is used as bait for hope for Nathan, he’s a sucker. It’s true. It’s sometimes frustrating–his undying ‘bang your head against the wall’ devotion to her–but I think that’s one of his most noble traits. Hopefully we see that pay off with some light at the end of the tunnel.”

With the cliffhanger closing out last season, neither had a clue where this season would go, but they’re enjoying the longer 26 episodes (there will be two individual 13-episode arcs) because it’s given them time to stretch the story, and that story has evolved as the episodes came together.

“In some ways [this season] kind of developed as it went along. There’s a larger idea for this double season,” he says. “Some specifics were changed along the way because of what was happening during shooting and what people were reacting to onscreen. Personally, I knew coming in that we would be shooting double episode blocks, and so that was exciting in that it promised [more time]. Instead of having to deal with the Troubles so succinctly every week, we had more time to explore their effect on our characters.”

Rose adds that it was nice to have a breather and not have to wrap each story so quickly. “It gave us longer format storytelling,” she points out. “It did get very confusing in the preparation because you have two episodes in your head while you’re shooting and two coming up, but the nice thing was you had bigger chunks of the story [ahead of time] and know more about where you are and where you are going [plotwise] and we haven’t had that in previous seasons.”

Check back next week for part two of our interview as Bryant and Rose talk about savoring their time with the cast and crew, this season’s character mix, and Bryant’s upcoming directorial debut.

Haven returns to Syfy next Thursday, September 11th, at 8/7c. You can catch up on four seasons of TV Goodness Haven coverage right here.

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