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Haven Countdown Giveaway: Season Three Blu-ray Set 

Photo Credit: eOne Entertainment
Photo Credit: eOne Entertainment

We’re ten days away from the launch of Haven‘s fourth season, and to celebrate we’re partnering with eOne Entertainment to give away a Blu-ray set of season three to one lucky reader. 

The four-disc set includes

  • All 13 episodes of season three
  • “The Haunting Truth About Haven: A Documentary”
  • “Escape to Haven” Webisode Series
  • Deleted/Alternate Scenes
  • Six Audio Commentaries with the Writers
  • Interviews with the Cast and Guest Stars
  • 2012 New York Comic Con Panel
  • Behind-the-Scenes footage
  • Blooper Reel
  • 16-page comic/graphic novel that fills in the six-month gap between the third and fourth seasons
Photo Credit: eOne Entertainment
Photo Credit: eOne Entertainment

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer this question: If you could have a Trouble, what would it be and why?

Respond with your answer in the Comments section below (one per reader) and check back on premiere day, Friday, September 13th, to find out if you’re a winner!

EDITED 9/13/13: And our winner is Mary/Bardicvoice! Congratulations, and thanks for reading! Please e-mail your details to tvgoodness (at) gmail dot com. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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  1. bill norris

    i like Nathans…. im a wuss when it comes to pain… so anything to avoid that would be great.

  2. amy

    If theres a trouble, i would like to have audrey’s trouble. Although the disadvantage would be having somebody else’s memories/identity but the satisfaction of helping others in need is what i like to do. Helping others yet be immuned to it gives me the edge to help out those in need…kind of like a super hero.

  3. Selina Lauha

    My trouble would be Moira´s and Noelle´s trouble, bringing people back if I weren´t already troubled. I am. Yesterday was the day my trouble started, or I realized it had started. I was just walking on the street and there was a dragonfly lying on the ground. A dead one. I felt really sad and I took it to my hand and suddenly it clung to my finger and began to flap it´s wings. It wanted to go, to fly far away. And I let it go. I had brought it back to life. So my real trouble is bringing animals back to life. But would want to bring people too, ´cause if someone important to would die, I would bring him/her back, just that we could have goodbyes.

  4. Christopher sherlock

    To have others fall in love with me when I flirt with them, why because I am a big flirt!

  5. Kristina Hammock

    I think having Ginger’s trouble would be handy. You could use it to get to the front of any line, get any food you want at any restaurant, etc.

  6. Dóris

    If I had a trouble, it would be the ability of changing people’s memories. This could be an advantage when dealing with enemies and I could also help my friends if they ever experience something awful.

  7. Will G

    To have my mood influence the weather! … it would be sunny almost always!

  8. Barb

    If I had a Trouble I would prefer it to be Stuart Mosley’s time traveling Trouble. I am really curious about the origin of the whole cycle, well managed that Trouble could lead Havenites to travel to the origin of it all, find the answers they have been looking for and end the Troubles for good.

  9. Mary/Bardicvoice

    If I had a Trouble, it would be the ability to affect other peoples’ emotions, because I’ve frequently wished to transform the negativity and depression I so often perceive in others into something positive and joyful. The danger, of course, would be the potential that I might inflict my own occasional depression on others, or be overwhelmed myself by the negativity of others. I think the risk would be worth the trade. 🙂 FYI, my license plate reads, EMPATH.

  10. Lindsay

    I’ll take whichever one I can get!

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