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Linda Signs [SPOILER], Make or Break “Final Performances and One Big Decision” 

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

I can’t say I’ve enjoyed every second of this series, but that’s only because there were some truly uncomfortable moments. But those moments were necessary for all these artists to push and expand their emotional boundaries and grow. I will never understand what it takes to want to be a performer, to want to put yourself out there. But it’s been such a pleasure to watch all these talented musicians hone their craft with Linda Perry. I think I understand a little of what working with Linda Perry would be like after watching this show.

So, Linda’s goal has always been to sign one artist. She’s wanted to find one person or one group she believed in enough to help launch her label. And as you already know, Linda Perry has worked with many talented musicians. The purpose of tonight’s final performance was to help Linda make her decision. I enjoyed every song even though I definitely don’t enjoy everyone’s genre/style. My favorites throughout this process have been Anjuli and Aimee. There was so much drama with Hunter Valentine throughout the series, but I’m happy Aimee, Kiyomi and Laura worked it out. They’re friends first. It just took them a little while to remember that, but eventually it happened. As for Anjuli, I like her vibe and I love that she sings as well. When she had that moment in the studio with Linda where she finally showed her vulnerability, I thought we were finally seeing just how versatile she could be. So when it seemed to be down to Anjuli and Candice, I knew who I wanted Linda to pick. And when Linda offered Anjuli a record deal, it felt right to me.

So where did that leave Candice? With a record deal as well. Even though Candice’s style isn’t something I’d ever seek out, I think she’s incredibly talented. I like the song she (kind of) wrote about Nick, but that original song she played for Linda right after Omar came into the house blew me away. I mean, if she ever releases that song I will buy it. There is something about her words and how she’s able to put such great emotion into her voice that I find very powerful. I’m actually really excited to see how far she and Anjuli will go.

And what about Aimee? I love that Linda wants to help Aimee develop her talent. I, like Linda, think there is so much potential there. When Aimee finally admitted to herself what she did and did not want, I think that’s the moment she started being authentic, being true to herself. When she was with Hunter Valentine she was holding herself back, but she was also holding them back. One of the best decisions that trio made was to split up. They’re all better for it. So whenever Linda thinks Aimee’s ready, I can’t wait to hear what she sounds like. I was already impressed with what we’ve seen from Aimee so with some time and guidance from Linda – and maybe some other producers as well – I think Aimee could be truly great.

Although Hunter Valentine and Gabe didn’t get signed, I think they came out of this experience so much richer – not in terms of money, of course, but in terms of an unforgettable life experience. I think they know what they need to do to keep pushing and challenging themselves. And just because Linda isn’t working with them doesn’t mean they won’t be successful if they keep pursuing their music.

I’m wondering if Linda will want to do this again in a year. I’d watch the show, but I’d also love to see Linda developing other artists who aren’t quite ready for a record deal yet. Or I think it would be fun – and probably also emotionally draining and a bit uncomfortable – to watch Linda’s process with established artists. I want to see how she’s able to break through their walls and get them to write from a much more honest, vulnerable place. But whatever the angle, I do hope we get a second season because no matter what, Linda Perry makes for some very compelling television.

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