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Moment of Goodness

Six Moments of Goodness from Suits “She’s Mine” 

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/USA Network

This show shares the love like no other. If you look at the six Moments of Goodness below, you’ll see each of the names of the main characters represented. The hard part was figuring out how to put them in order of greatness.”She’s Mine” was simply another stellar episode Aaron Korsh and company managed to put together in season three. And this time we got some quality Pearson/Specter (who cares about Darby) wins. Oh they might be short-lived wins considering the promo that aired at the end of this episode. But they are wins nevertheless.

The Moments of Goodness (in order):

1. Harvey vs. Stephen in a rugby-fied bathroom brawl to end all bathroom brawls

At the beginning of the episode Harvey warned Stephen: “I am here to tell you that if I hear your name around my case again, I am gonna beat the s–t out of you.”

And he did. After he found out what Mike discovered about Huntley (see #5 Moment of Goodness), Harvey headed straight for Stephen, he didn’t pass go. He and Huntley battled at the sinks, in the stalls and then it ended when Harvey flung his British counterpart into the full length mirror. Who knew Harvey was such a scrappy fighter? I hoped he had it in him but I was super happy that he displayed such strength. Me thinks that wasn’t just for Stephen messing with his case and being the actual culprit. That was also for Huntley hurting Donna. Because Donna and Harvey protect each other. That’s what they do.

2. Rachel questions Harold magnificently and wins the case for Louis

OK, can I just say I love any episode where Rachel and Louis spend quality time together? Yes, Meghan Markle and Rick Hoffman were awesome in this episode. Rachel got to play lawyer and fight for Louis. And Louis was able to let her loose and let her learn a lot about being a legal eagle. Plus, he got to beat Nigel and win Mikado. Going after Nigel’s cat was a bit preposterous, but I loved it anyway. A mock trial went down in the halls of Pearson Darby Specter and it was a fun time all around. There were moves and maneuvers and in the end, Nigel countered with Louis’ former associate, the dorky, bumbling Harold. Harold made a strong case for hating Louis. But Rachel knew that Louis’ tough love approach, while over-the-top, was designed to help make a lawyer strong and able to withstand whatever comes their way. Rachel’s turning Harold’s testimony on its ear was an amazing thing to watch. Bravo, Rachel.

3. Harvey and Jessica clear the air while on the roof

I am going to assume that the conversation that went down on the roof between Harvey and Jessica means they’re fully on the same page from here on out. Jessica needed to know if there were ulterior motives to Harvey coming clean about his deal with Darby. She wanted to know if he only told her because he felt Jessica would be so upset with her Brit partner that she would want to pull out of the merger. Harvey admitted that thought had crossed his mind. But he also said the real reason was because he didn’t want to keep any secrets from her anymore. He didn’t really want Managing Partner (at least not yet); he wanted respect. He wanted his due. He had long been a warrior for Jessica and he wanted her to step up and acknowledge it. But, instead, she’s stuck with a force that she doesn’t want to be stuck with — so will Harvey and Jessica take care of the Ava Hessington case and then take care of the Darby of it all? My guess is yes.

4. Louis gives Rachel news about her future

Louis: “Congratulations Rachel, you’re going to be a lawyer. A real lawyer.”

In a different world, I really wanted Louis and Nigel to be friends. But that’s not the way things went down. Instead, Rachel helped Louis win the cat custody case. But when Nigel offered a settlement — Louis gets the associates back if he gives up Mikado — Rachel helped him come to the conclusion that this was what was best for all involved. And while doing so, Louis quoted Spock and I love him so much for that. In turn, Louis and Rachel experienced a fabulous moment. She was there for him. And he wanted to be there for her and let her know that she got into Columbia Law School. This was even better than if Rachel had experienced this moment with Mike. Louis and Rachel strengthened their connection. She has showed that even though he can sometimes succumb to his inner douche, she will be there for him. And he is not someone who will hold her back. He’s someone who could act as a mentor for her. I hope this is the continuation of what could be a beautiful friendship.

5. Mike uses his superpowers for good (a couple of times)

Mike’s superpowers are legendary. He has a photographic memory and he’s not afraid to use it. He marched right into Cameron Dennis’ office and proceeded to rile Harvey’s former mentor up. At one point, Harvey’s latest mentee called Cameron a dick (um, it’s true, he is one) and then shoved the papers Cameron was holding out of his hands. And while Mike feigned an apology, he dropped down to the ground in order to pick those papers up. And wouldn’t you know it, he took his ol’ sweet time, giving himself a chance to get a glance at what was on those papers. His digging led him to believe he got the goods on Ava’s number two, Nick Howell.

Mike also used his research as well as his deductive skills to find out why Stephen Huntley was so invested in this Hessington case. He ordered the killings that Ava was being accused of. He found evidence that Huntley and Mariga were old pals — back from their rugby and college days. He found an even bigger connection (phone calls between Huntley and Mariga). That was the catalyst to our number one moment of the episode. Just see above. Anyway, Mike was pretty badass in “She’s Mine.” Love when he makes himself useful without being overly cocky.

6. Donna breaks up with Stephen

Donna realized Stephen had lied to her. Boo. All of us fans who watch Suits know one thing: Donna’s awesome. So you don’t lie to her. You don’t go behind her back. You don’t manipulate things in order to get a peak at Mariga’s deposition. You’re just supposed to count your lucky stars that you’re even allowed in her vicinity. So, while I loved Donna and Stephen, because it meant she actually got a life outside the firm, I was also on board with her calling it quits with Darby’s number two. Because it turned out he was a bad guy. Badder than we ever thought.

Suits airs Tuesdays on USA Network at 10/9c.


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