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Moment of Goodness

Moments of Goodness: Psych + Action = Awesomeness, Psych “Last Night Gus” 

“Last Night Gus” was freakin’ hilarious. I loved how everyone was working together to piece together the events of the previous night. And there were so many good moments and lines in this Hangover-esque episode. Too many to name, actually. The gags and one-liners just had me rolling on the floor for the entire hour. Some of my favorite moments:

  • Woody and Lassiter spooning
  • Everything that is Bobo the Donut
  • Last Night Gus having some serious game
  • Lassiter not cluing to the fact the partners at the bar were actually a couple
  • From Teri Garr to Teri Hatcher, every pop culture reference made
  • No pants Henry
  • All the autopsy goodness including Lassiter refusing to take off his shades
  • Rapper/actor Ed Lover fulfilling the requisite Mike Tyson Hangover cameo role; and taking back the bling Shawn apparently stole. OK, so a necklace isn’t exactly an alligator.

But I’m going to single out two of the more action-oriented happenings — one just because I thought it was cool and the other because it had me laughing so hard, I could barely catch my breath.

  • Henry called Shawn to help him out at the Suncrest Hotel. Apparently, he was part of the Hangover fun as well because he woke up there with powdered sugar all over his face and no pants on. Much to Henry’s chagrin, Shawn brought the whole group to the hotel, which turned out to be a good thing because the hotel manager let them know the woman they had been looking for there the night before was in one of the rooms. Lassiter broke the door down and they entered what was now an empty room. Shawn quickly figured out they had triggered a bomb. He told everyone to take cover and they all subsequently jumped over the railing and into the pool below just as the bomb exploded. It’s a moment I had to rewind and rewatch a few times because it was such a cool slo-mo’d moment.
  • And how hilarious was that gunfight scene at Gus’ abode? Last Night Gus was in full effect. Unfortunately, Lilly, the girl he’d been interested in, was the adopted daughter of this week’s bad guy. She drugged Gus and let her dad in to his place. He wanted the incriminating phone that had all the pictures and he was going to use force to get it. Unfortunately for Mr. Bad Guy, a drugged Gus was repeating everything he said and wasn’t really getting the fact someone had a gun on him. I love silly humor that’s designed to annoy. So I appreciated this sequence of events very much. Thankfully, Lassiter, Juliet and everyone arrived in time. A seriously loopy and out of it Gus was on the couch while guns blasted around him. All he could do was laugh and protect his bowl of taffy. However, Gus actually saved the day by using said bowl to knock the bad guy out. Go Gus. That’s what I’m talking about. He’s got game.

I cannot stress enough how funny “Last Night Gus” was. And I’m just scratching the surface with these two moments. What were your favorite lines or scenes?

Psych airs on USA Network Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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