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Moment of Goodness

Five Moments of Goodness from the One Tree Hill Series Finale 

Photo Credit: Fred Norris/The CW

After nine seasons on the WB then the CW, One Tree Hill aired its series finale. It was sweet and a bit corny. But it didn’t have much drama going on, which I’m OK with, considering all the drama that preceded this super-sized episode. To be honest, what resonated most with me were the characters that had been there from the beginning. I said before that Brooke Davis was the heart of the show. Well, I feel like Haley and Nathan were the rocks of Tree Hill. They went through so much as a couple but they became this solid, amazing husband-and-wife team that everyone could count on and look up to. So, from that perspective, I really enjoyed the finale. Plus, “One Tree Hill,” which just so happened to be the title of the episode, was wallpapered in music from beginning to end. Music was so key to this series. As were the voiceovers. There were many of those included as well.

Five Moments of Goodness:

1. Gavin DeGraw live at Tric singing “I Don’t Wanna Be.” It’s a song that was as integral to the show’s success as the characters, the voiceovers, the River Court, and the game of basketball. If he hadn’t sung that song, I would’ve been upset. Everyone singing along in the audience was such a great moment.

2. Haley and Nathan’s walk in the rain. First, it started out with Nathan giving Haley a beautiful bracelet that was the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks. Then, they went outside to spend some quality time together even though it was raining. It was sweet and sexy and this “old” married couple still had it.

Photo Credit: Fred Norris/The CW

3. Haley and Brooke take over a corner of Tree Hill. On one side is the Haley-owned Karen’s Cafe. On the other side of the street — replacing the now closed diner that Chris Keller’s bitchy ex-girlfriend owned — is the new site for Brooke’s company she owns with her reunited parents called Baker Man. They started out as the cheerleader and the geek. But became the best of friends. I loved seeing how their relationship developed over the years. And now, together, they rule Grace Street in Tree Hill. As it should be.

4. Nathan and Jamie on River Court. Jamie’s thinking he had to practice and practice and practice in order to be as good a player as both Dan and Nathan. His dad set him straight. Nathan tells his son that he can do whatever he wants. It’s up to him. It’s great to see how Nathan’s not going to be a micromanaging bully like his dad was back in the day. But, bonus to Nate for being relieved when Jamie tells him he wants to play sports. Go Jamie.

5. Haley’s performance at Tric. I’m a big Nathan and Haley fan so I really enjoyed Haley singing her song up there on stage and Nathan watching her from the wings. And it was also significant that she ended the song repeating the word “goodbye” over and over again.

Other Favorite Finale Moments

  • Nathan giving Chris Keller the guitar he sold back in the day in order to pay for Haley’s record. The guitar he named after Haley James. Nathan’s wife. Awkwardly wonderful moment right there.
  • Seeing Skills and Bevin together in the future at Jamie’s basketball game.
  • Seeing Peyton’s room again. And Brooke’s house.
  • Knowing Jamie grew up and played on the Tree Hill High basketball team.
  • All the flashbacks to the past. And the nods to the past like remembering Jimmy, the student who killed himself in the high school.
  • Both Chris Keller and Clay slapping Chase after tasting his horrid 10th Anniversary shot.
  • Nathan and Jamie’s kidnapping humor. I couldn’t help it. I laughed.
  • Hearing U2’s song called “One Tree Hill” as part of the finale soundtrack, which is appropriate considering the show is named after the song.

What did you guys think of the One Tree Hill series finale? What were your Moments of Goodness?

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