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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Annie Gets Out, Covert Affairs “Levitate Me” 

Photo Credit: USA Network
Photo Credit: USA Network

[Warning: spoilers for the end of last night’s episode.]

I make no secret of my love for a certain recurring character on this show, and I’ve missed him terribly this season, so my MOG is as much about his ever-so-fleeting return as it is about Annie and what they do together that will change the very fabric of the show going forward

The scene is Frankfurt, and Annie has put all of her cards on the table with Calder. We now know (or think we know) that he can be trusted, and as I said in my premiere preview, I didn’t like being told what to think of Calder, but I’d sort of guessed/hoped it *was* a fakeout.  She asks for his help and he tells her she will only leave Frankfurt with him or in a body bag, and she tells him that’s what she’s counting on.

Photo Credit: USA Network
Photo Credit: USA Network

With all of the DPD watching on a closed feed, Annie walks into the building where Henry’s ex-wife works, with Henry running the op from DC. She gets in an elevator and on the ride up, overheard by everyone, she calls Auggie to tell him goodbye and they finally say their “I love you’s.” He pleads with her not to do this, but she says she has to and lets her phone drop. She draws her gun, and when the doors open, Calder double barrels her from the hallway and she falls to the floor. He pronounces her dead and everyone back home, and Auggie on the phone, hear the declaration.

Annie is wheeled out in a body bag and Henry’s minion stops the attendants, raises the sheet, and checks her for a pulse. Satisfied that she’s dead, he lets them move along to the van. One of the attendants taps the back door of the van and the driver gets out to open it up for them. Eyal!!!! (I seriously came off my couch when we saw him).

Photo Credit: USA Network
Photo Credit: USA Network

They put her in the back, and Eyal climbs in and drives her away. Then he parks and gets in back and crouches beside her on the gurney. He revives her with an injection, opening after such a long separation with “You look terrible.” She says she feels terrible. He gives her some water and she marvels that they’re alone and that it worked. Once she’s on her feet, he gives her a go-bag, an Israeli chocolate treat, and a Mossad file on Henry’s ex-wife. She’s surprised about Mossad, that she thought he’d left them behind, and he teases her that she could think that. She teases back that he never got on that boat. He says he never got out of Europe.

He asks her if it’s the end of Annie Walker, and she catches her breath and says “yes.” He puts his hands on her arms and tells her it gives him great pleasure to be the last person to tell “Annie” how amazing she is. She’s emotional, and says she can’t thank him enough, and he tells her to thank him next time, “whoever” she is. They hug tightly and then she runs off and down into the train station. “Goodbye, Annie,” Eyal finally says after she’s gone.

Photo Credit: USA Network
Photo Credit: USA Network

I am so glad that Eyal was the mechanism to get Annie out. Of course, it was Eyal. At the end of the day, he always comes through. I like to think Auggie had a hand in it; we’ll have to wait and see.

Piper Perabo worked her butt off in this episode as Annie ran all over Frankfurt, grabbing what she needed on the sly and dodging Calder and his team. In that final scene with Oded Fehr, they were both so good, saying so much very quickly when it was genuinely life and death for Annie. I really do hope Eyal is back after the break.

I’m not nuts about the fakeout aspect of Calder for folks who really had no clue, and I’m still not 100% sure all of it *was* because we haven’t seen the aftermath. The Helen lead-in earlier this season was a bit of a tell that we were going to go here with Annie, and I honestly wonder if the network and TPTB came to some sort of agreement about a shift change for the series given the end of Burn Notice.

We don’t know yet whether we’re getting a fifth season, but we do have six episodes left when Covert Affairs returns on October 17th in its new timeslot, Thursday, at 10/9c after White Collar.

For now, I’m satisfied with where we’ve left things. I had no doubt Annie would get out alive, but it was that much sweeter because of who helped her get there.

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