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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Brooke Gives Her Parents Another Chance, One Tree Hill “Anyone Who Had a Heart” 

Photo Credit: Fred Norris/The CW

I’m not sure if it was originally supposed to go down like this, but at some point, Brooke Davis turned out to be the heart of Tree Hill. In the beginning, she was bitchy and bratty, but as life happened, and things didn’t always go her way, she grew up. Even when she was at her worst, we could never completely hate her for her misguided actions. Now, she’s married to Julian Baker, she has two kids, and she’s dealing with the damage her parents caused to her psyche.

I don’t know how anyone could make it through their formative years with a mom and dad like Victoria and Ted. They were simply bad parents, selfish in every way. Thankfully, those two finally grew up just like their daughter did. Of course, it took them much (much) longer than Brooke. It was only last episode that Ted demolished what was left of his father-daughter relationship with Brooke when he urged her to sell the company she had wanted to build with him.

Fast forward to “Anyone Who had a Heart.” All of a sudden, Ted and Victoria have reunited. Brooke thinks it’s hate sex. Then pity sex. But it really was just make-up sex. I had a feeling this would happen and I’m glad it did. Brooke, however, wasn’t sure she could trust it. When she wasn’t threatening to gouge her eyes out after walking in on her parents post-whatever type of sex it was, she was acting cautious when Victoria suggested she talk to her father. Brooke remained skeptical. After all, she has already given her dad 3000 chances (that’s the number Julian came up with in vehement defense of his wife). But Ted seemed serious in his regret for how he treated Brooke. And Victoria backed him up. On top of that, the two decided on a plan where they — along with their daughter — would run Baker Man together as a family. They bought out all the investors in the company.

Of course, Brooke wasn’t sure if she could trust her parents enough to make that leap of faith. But in the end, she did. And she did it at the Burning Boat Festival, where everyone in Tree Hill lets go of all the stuff that symbolizes regrets, failures and burdens. They actually put them all in a boat and watch them get torched. It was at this festival Brooke decided to give her parents another chance. The total now stands at 3001.

Earlier in the episode, Julian had read his wife’s journal from when she was in high school in order to get inspiration for his TV version of the novel Lucas wrote — An Unkindness of Ravens. In it, a young Brooke wondered when the last time she laughed with her parents was; or when they simply sat together in a comfortable silence. So, when it actually happened at the end of the hour, it was a quiet yet wonderful moment. I was happy for Brooke. Her parents finally got their act together. And I think Daphne Zuniga and Richard Burgi were the perfect actors to play Brooke’s parental figures. This was a moment Brooke had waited for all her life so it was awesome she finally got to experience it, especially in the second to last episode of the series (and an episode Sophia Bush directed).

FUN FACT: Bush, Paul Johansson, James Lafferty and Austin Nichols have all directed episodes of One Tree Hill this season.

The two-hour series finale of One Tree Hillairs Wednesday April 4 at 8/7c on the CW.

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