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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from The Vampire Diaries “She’s Come Undone” 

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/ The CW
Photo Credit: Annette Brown/ The CW

Episode: “She’s Come Undone”
Writers: Michael Narducci and Rebecca Sonnenshine

Damon: “Relax. I just want to show you all the things you’ve been missing out on since you took the giant leap over the cuckoo’s nest.”

Elena: “I tried to kill you, Caroline. I’m not exactly BFF material anymore. You should move on.”

Elena: “This annoying, clingy thing that you’re doing…did it ever occur to you maybe that’s why both your boyfriends skipped town?”

Elena: “Are you seriously talking about high school graduation? Caroline, do you realize how pathetic you’re gonna look in that cap and gown pretending to be human while your mom fake smiles and just counts down the minutes until you leave town so that you can stop being a reminder that her daughter is a repulsive, blood-sucking control freak monster?” It’s really too bad Stefan stopped me before I put you out of your misery but, hey, here’s to second chances.”

[Elena attacks Caroline.] Caroline: “Elena.” [Caroline breaks Elena’s neck.] Caroline (to Stefan): “Do whatever you have to do.”

Matt: “I see you compelled the bartenders again.” Rebekah: “I’m celebrating.”

Rebekah: “Are they still keeping Elena trapped in the Salvatore mansion? I happen to like her just the way she is. It’s tragic that they’re trying so desperately to fix something that isn’t broken.” Matt: “Elena was my friend long before she was a mean-girl sidekick. So if you’re upset you lost the cure and your brothers ditched you, why are you still in Mystic Falls? Some of us don’t have the option of leaving. Some of us are broke and failing all of our classes and stuck here. So why don’t you take your freedom and get the hell out of town? I would.”

Katherine: “Lying, scheming and a secret rendez-vous with moi? Not very Bonnie Bennett-y.”

Damon: “Aw, you know the rules. Bad girls don’t get nice jewelry.” Elena: “You took my ring. I’m devastated. And bored. Can I go back to Solitary, now?”

Elena: “You’re not going to burn me.” Damon: “You don’t think so?” Elena: “No. And even if you do manage to get my emotions back, I’ll remember all this and I’ll hate both of you for it.” Damon: “Tss…worth the risk.”

Elena: “I said, I’m gonna kill you.” Damon: “Bingo. See? There’s a little rage. I should have figured that’d be the first emotion that came out of you. I tend to pull that out of people.”

Elena: “Kind of funny, actually. You being the one to pull back the curtain? I bet part of you enjoys it. Since, you know, I dumped you and all.” Damon: “Wow. That was downright vindictive. See? I think now we’re breaking through that tough candy shell and getting into the ooey, gooey rich, center of your humanity. That’s good. I think we should shine some light on the subject.”

Caroline: “Yeah, we can’t really entertain right now. But, thanks for stopping by.”

Caroline: “Well, what classes are you failing?” Matt: “I’m not failing. I’m just really, really behind in History and Italian and Math.” Caroline: “Matt!” Matt: “This year has been a little distracting.” Rebekah: “We can both help. All hands on deck. That’s the motto around here, right?” Caroline: “We don’t have a motto.”

Rebekah: “You dated that?” Matt: “She likes projects.”

Caroline: “Oh my God.” Silas!Klaus: “Hello, Caroline.”

Damon: “You’re gonna thank me for this. After you turn it back on, you’ll realize life with no emotions blew.” Elena: “You know what else blew? Being sired to you. Going everyday believing that I was in love with you. I remember every horrible moment of it. And you…so scared that it wasn’t real. Well, guess what? It wasn’t. You were right. So go ahead — keep trying to get the old me back. Who knows? Maybe Stefan and I will give it another go.”

Elena (to Damon and Stefan): “I am the girl that you love. You wouldn’t do anything to actually hurt me. You just proved that. So what do I really have to be afraid of?”

Stefan: “Katherine was just abandoned by Elijah. She has nothing. She has no one. We invite her into our house to come torture Elena? There’s no way she’s gonna turn that down.”

Klaus: “The truth is I’ve tried to stop thinking about you. And I can’t. Come to New Orleans. What are you afraid of?” Caroline: “You. I’m afraid of you.” Klaus!Silas: “Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say you’re afraid of yourself? Your darkest desires? Elena was right, wasn’t she? Deep down, you long to have your perfect feathers ruffled.” Caroline: “How do you know what Elena said to me in that cell?”

Rebekah (to Matt): “So let me give you some advice. Take advantage of what I’m offering you. Make something of yourself. And for the record, anyone who leaves you behind is a fool. I wouldn’t.” Katherine: “What a beautiful sentiment.” Damon: “Seriously? Can’t knock?”

Katherine: “You didn’t get the memo? I’m here to talk some sense into poor, emotionless Elena.” Matt: “Are you out of your mind?” Damon: “You got a better idea, Prom King?”

Katherine (to Elena): “Oh, honey. You look awful.” Elena: “What the hell are you doing here?” Katherine: “Your boyfriends invited me. They want to know if you still have a heart.”

Elena (to Katherine): “You’re the definition of damaged goods.”

Katherine: “I’ve done some pretty horrible things to survive. And unlike you, poor, delicate Elena, I don’t turn it off. I deal with it. You wouldn’t last a week as a vampire without everyone fawning over you. But I’d love to see you try.”

Katherine: “All that pain and torture works up quite a thirst.” Damon: “It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Elena called you out on your recent boy trouble, could it? Sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear.” Katherine: “Do you ever think that Elena would have been better off if she never met you?” Damon: “Are you trying to get a rise out of me? Because my emotions are fine. I love Elena. I despise you.”

Katherine: “That’s the tragedy of you, you never get the girl.”

Matt: “You’re the girl that I’ve loved longer than I can remember. Whatever wall you want to put up, I know that still means something to you.”

Damon: “You are acting like a little, spoiled brat. You know that? You think that we can’t punish you. Maybe not. But I can sure punish him.”

Damon: “I’m done playing nice. Turn your emotions back on, Elena. Or so help me God, I will give you something to be sad about. I will kill him right here in front of you.” Stefan: “Damon.” Damon: “Don’t Damon, me. She doesn’t love anyone? Fine. Prove it. And if I’m wrong, what difference does it make? It’s one less bus boy.”

Elena: “You’re bluffing.” [Damon breaks Matt’s neck] Damon: How about now? You feeling anything now? You angry I  just turned your buddy into roadkill? Or are you sad that the guy that everybody loves is just  a bag of bones? Remember when he was a little kid, huh? Warm heart, big goofy smile, his whole life ahead of him. I guess it was a good idea that he was wearing this.” Elena: “Oh God, Matt.” Damon: “You feel that weight lifting off your chest? That’s joy because your friend isn’t dead. That’s emotion, Elena. That’s humanity.”

Stefan: “Just find that one thing inside of you that makes you strong.”

Rebekah: “I’ve never seen that ring in action before. Does it hurt?” Matt: “You mean getting my neck snapped or coming back from the dead? Because…they both hurt like hell. Did it work?” Rebekah: “Well, it looks like Elena’s emotional floodgates have been burst wide open, so she’ll be back to her dull, sympathetic self in no time. Here. That was a brave thing to do.” Matt: “She saved me from drowning at the bottom of that river. I’m just doing what I can to pay her back.”

Katherine: “Bonnie Bennett, we have a deal.”

Elena: “Go back far enough, there’s one person who brought us to this. Who ruined our lives. And look at you two. Everything that’s happened to you. She did that. She brought Klaus to Mystic Falls. She turned Caroline into a vampire. She killed my brother. It all comes down to her. Katherine. OK? Stefan said to focus on one thing so I did. I focused on hate. And I hate her so much.” Damon: “Well, I don’t think that’s what we meant.” Stefan: “Elena, Katherine’s not worth your time. Even if you spend ten minutes of your life hating her, she wins.” Elena: “Not if I kill her.”

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.


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