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What They Said: Favorite Quotes from Homeland “The Yoga Play” 

Episode 305
Photo Credit: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME

Anyone else scared as hell for Carrie right now? I know I am.

Javadi was onto her little yoga play. He has her right where he wants her. Yet Saul’s mighty confident that he has the upper hand. Truth is, I’m not sure who has the upper hand right now. All I know is that even though Carrie can take care of herself, her situation may be above her pay grade. She’s already off her meds. Who didn’t see that one coming? And she took a big risk by doing what she could to help Jessica find Dana.

In other news, Saul’s acting head of CIA gig really is temporary. The president is nominating the douchebag that questioned Carrie in the Senate hearing. No wonder he was hardcore in the way he treated her. And that brings up the question once again — who was feeding him inside information? Saul pretty much received his two week notice. Let’s see what he does with them. He’s coloring a little outside the lines right now. Who knows how overboard he will go in order to catch Javadi. Will Carrie be collateral damage? Hope not.

Episode 305
Photo Credit: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME


Meanwhile, I think I’m officially in love with Quinn, who was finally read into Saul’s mission. He and Carrie had what’s possibly my favorite scene of the episode — when they were in the garage. I just love that he has her back. And she thanked him for visiting her in the hospital. However, it was quite frustrating how Saul held Quinn back when he was on Carrie watch and his gut told him something was wrong. Quinn has good instincts. But Saul’s willing to do just about anything to catch the guy who was involved in that hit on Langley.

And, yeah, there’s Dana. At the gas station she found out  her shady boyfriend had lied to her about why he was in that institution with her. And she couldn’t take another person lying to her. I guess I’m glad she’s back with her mom and brother but I just couldn’t bring myself to feel sorry for her after she ran away with this dude. I feel sorry for the fact that she has had to deal with the consequences of what her father “did.” But this runaway teen thing? Not so much.

Random Thoughts

-Always good to see Virgil and Max.

-That was William Sadler who announced Senator Lockhart’s nomination:

Episode 305
William Sadler (l.) Photo Credit: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME

Sadler was the sniveling sheriff (and Nick Wechsler’s dad) on UPN’s Roswell. And he’s Steve McGarrett’s dad, Jack, on Hawaii Five-0 (in flashback form, of course). Plus he’s in the cheesy horror flick Devour, which stars Jensen Ackles. I’ll let you guys guess whether or not I own the DVD (I do).

-I love how Carrie has a double that’ll take yoga for her while she does her thing.

-By the way, Mira has some explaining to do. How close is she to the guy Saul caught her having dinner with while he was (supposed to be out) duck hunting?

Episode 305
Photo Credit: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME

-I don’t know why but I thought there was going to be more to the Jessica/Carrie scene. There wasn’t. But I enjoyed Danes and Morena Baccarin finally sharing a scene this season anyway.

-And I love even more how in Carrie’s conversation with the slimy Agent Hall, they referred to Romeo and Juliet. Claire Danes played Juliet in the Baz Luhrmann flick, Romeo + Juliet.

Some of my favorite Quotes from “The Yoga Play”

Episode: “The Yoga Play”
Writer: Patrick Harbinson

Mira: “Come in, I’m Mira. Saul’s just getting dressed.” Quinn: “What as?”

Saul: “How do I look?” Quinn: “If I was a duck, I would be worried.”

Quinn: “Burning her in front of the Senate? Committing her to a mental institution?” Saul: “All an act. Part of the plan.” Quinn: “F–k me.”

Saul: “We believe he’s on his way here.” Quinn: “Javadi himself? Majid Javadi? He’s taking a huge f–king risk.” Saul: “Carrie Mathison’s a huge f–king draw.”

Jessica (to Carrie): “You tried to help us once before. You turned up to my house and you tried to warn me about Brody. And even though I knew in my heart something was seriously f–king wrong, I didn’t listen. And I know something’s wrong now. I know it. And I’m begging you. Please, help me find her. Please.”

Max: “Carrie. Uh, what are you…” Carrie: “In ten seconds I’m gonna call you back and set up the yoga play.” Max: “Yoga?” Carrie: “Virgil’s yoga play using Lisa? Remember? So when I call act a little less clueless than you are now, okay?” Max: “Carrie, I’m not acting clueless…I was up all night on a job…” (Carrie hangs up)

Carrie (to Quinn): “Jesus, what the f–k, Quinn. Shouldn’t you be hiding up a tree or something?”

Carrie (to Quinn): “Look, I’m glad you’ve got my back. And, you came to see me in the hospital when I was not in a good place. It meant a lot.” Quinn: “What you put yourself through? It was f–king incredible.”

Agent Hall: “This? It’s two teenagers run away on a f–k-fest. Romeo and Juliet.” Carrie: “You know how Romeo and Juliet ends, don’t you? Not well.”

Saul: “One second, Mike. I, too, would like to congratulate Senator Lockhart on his nomination. If he’s half as good a director as he is a shot — we’re in safe hands. Maybe that wasn’t the right analogy. Being a spy isn’t the same as sitting in a hide waiting for the enemy to come under your guns. They’re in the jungle, usually in the dark with bad information and unreliable partners. The senator’s made a career, criticizing the agency he’s about to lead. His first job, in my opinion, is to win the hearts and minds of those men and women in harm’s way. Otherwise he’s just another political appointee holding up his finger to see which way the wind is blowing. I wish you luck, Senator. In the meantime, I still have two weeks left on my watch and a lot of work to do. Bon appetit.”

Quinn: “We lost her.” Saul: “But we know who’s got her. We’re back in business.” Quinn: “She’s on her own, Saul.” Saul: “She’s always been on her own.”

Javadi: “Carrie Mathison.You’re in good shape. Must be all that yoga.”

Homeland airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime.

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