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The Vampire Diaries “She’s Come Undone” 

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/ The CW
Photo Credit: Annette Brown/ The CW

And it all comes back to Matt. As it should. As it always does and always will. And we’ll get to it. But first, WHAT DID I SAY about torturing Caroline??? Ahem.

So the Salvatores have had enough of not breaking Elena so they set her on fire a few times. Caroline protests that it’s all too cruel and has a go at her, but it ends badly when her peace offering of a vial of blood gives Elena enough strength to charge at her and Caroline breaks her neck and tells Stefan to do whatever they have to do.

Elsewhere, Katherine has been summoned by Bonnie to bring her Silas’s tombstone for some as yet unrevealed mojo related to Silas and dropping the veil and whatnot. Rebekah’s getting loaded at the Grille when Matt passes her on his way out to go help Caroline, and she asks why everybody wants the old Elena back. He tells her he doesn’t understand why she stays when she’s so unhappy there, and could go anywhere (when he can’t leave).

Back at the Salvatores, Caroline gets herself bitchslapped and staked by Silas in the forms of Klaus and Matt, who’s exhausting any means possible to bring Bonnie out of the shadows. She races home to her mom (after using nifty Ford Escape product placement!) and is relieved to confirm it’s really her and then Bonnie finally shows up.

When Caroline goes to answer the door, Silas comes in and drops her mom. He makes Bonnie leave with him and then Caroline flails and cries and pleads for her mom to live–that she has to see her graduate and then she’ll get her out of Mystic Falls and find her a nice man. She opens her wrist and feeds her and when that doesn’t work, she takes a vial off her jugular and injects into her mom’s heart and Liz wakes up.

Back at Elena detox, they’ve brought in the big guns–Katherine–because they know Elena wouldn’t trust her not to actually kill her. Even Rebekah realizes that’s a capital Bad Idea. So Katherine squeezes Elena’s heart inside her chest and tries to play alpha bitch but Elena bests her when the conversation turns to Elijah, so Katherine pulls a “bored now” and leaves the safe unlocked so Elena can escape, which she does.

Matt has admitted to Rebekah that he’s at risk of not graduating and she offers to coach him or compel him into college (Caroline was off to fetch tutorial gear when she got Silas’d). Before he and Rebekah can get down to business (more product placement with the translate feature of his AT&T phone!), he’s shanghaid by Damon, who wants to use him as bait to break Elena, who’s out wandering in the woods.

Still woozy from a lack of blood, she sees a truck coming and is about to make her pitch for help when the driver gets out and it’s Matt. He makes the case that she’s still in there somewhere and she flits from human face to vamp face and tells him that’s all well and good but she’s hungry and then she chomps down on him.

When he wakes up, Damon and Stefan are there and they interrupt her drinking any more from him and then Damon’s had enough. He tells Elena killing Matt will finally flip her switch and she says he’s bluffing. Matt pleads for Elena to help and she’s unmoved and then Damon calls her bluff and snaps Matt’s neck and drops him. And that does it.

As soon as it registers, she weeps and wails and the floodgates open. Then Damon lifts Matt’s hand to show her he was wearing a magical undeading ring and tells her that emotion she’s feeling is relief that Matt’s alive. She comes completely unglued and Stefan tells her to latch onto one thing and turn the rest off, and by episode’s end that one thing is Katherine’s demise.

Back at the Salvatores, Matt wakes up to Rebekah, who commends him for going along with the ruse. He tells her having his neck broken and coming back from the dead hurt like hell. She says she owes him and she’s sorry for her part in Elena’s vampirism but she will make it up to him if he will let her.

I love that Matt was the one who finally got through to Elena and he was the obvious choice, back to “Memorial,” which is the only S4 episode still on my DVR, BTW. He’s loved her the longest, and through everything, and he’s the last shred of her human life–her first love, her lifelong friend, her brother’s friend.  It crossed my mind for about a second that Damon had really killed him, but COME ON. I kind of hope they don’t give him a permanent ring, though. Been there, done that.

I laughed that Silas took Klaus’s form for a moment so we could get him into the episode some way, and there’s unfinished business there with him and Caroline when he does come home, which I certainly expect before season’s end.  I’m not sure what the point was to separate Caroline’s arc from everything going on at the Salvatores, though.

If they keep Rebekah, I’m curious to see where she’ll fit, and to see what’s next for all of them after high school is no longer a framing device. Elena’s not wrong when she tells Caroline that being concerned with graduation is a lark for a vampire but I think Caroline would go to college for giggles. I’m intrigued about what they will all do since Matt’s the only one who’s held a job, and for the rest of them, money is no object. It’s an interesting crossroads for a high school show that’s not about high school at all.

You can catch this episode now on the CW website. “The Walking Dead,” the first of the last two episodes of the season, airs Thursday at 8 pm/7c.

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