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Deception Season Finale: Vivian’s Killer is [SPOILER] 

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/NBC
Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/NBC

Before I get to the big revelation in the Deception season 1 finale, I need to take care of some business.

Dear NBC: I know Deception is not what you’d call a ratings winner. Far from it, actually. But please see fit to grant the series another season anyway. We need to find out why Vivian’s killer did the big bad deed. After a bit of a shaky start, the show got stronger and stronger. At its core, Deception has an amazing cast. It did a good job of keeping us guessing. It features characters that we can’t help loving despite their gigantic-sized flaws. After what went down in the finale, we also need the second season to explain some things. I don’t want to be left hanging. So, if you do cancel this awesome show, please urge the producers to fill in some of the blanks and answer some of the questions posed in “I’ll start with the Hillbilly.”


Tina Charles
TV Goodness

[WARNING: The killer is revealed so, you know, major spoiler alert]

OK, so that’s out of the way. Now on to the whodunit portion of the article. Vivian’s killer was…her dad, ROBERT. My friend and I agree that while we’re surprised we’re definitely not shocked. Robert has that in him. We know what he did to his wife. We know that he’s not beyond threatening to kill (he certainly threatened that annoying Juliette Lewis-looking reporter in front of an entire office).

I don’t think that he killed her over the Lyritrol business. I wish we got some sort of a hint as to why he offed his own daughter. Here’s what we were left with in a flashback:

Robert: “Vivian, my God, what happened to you? Are you all right?”
Vivian: “No, I’m not. I can’t do this anymore. Do you have a minute, dad? Just to talk?”

Then we know that Robert killed her at the house. He stuffed her in a suitcase and dumped her elsewhere. So cold. Some questions:

  • Why was it Robert? I wonder how the writers/producers came to that decision.
  • What can’t Vivian do anymore? Be with Haverstock? What did she do to warrant such treatment from the man who raised her? I take it Robert hired someone to make sure Ben died too? So what did he know?
  • Does Edward suspect? Is that why he’s really moved back into the mansion? Are he and Joanna going to be up to the same thing (should there be a second season)? The suitcase is gone. They need new evidence. There’s the bracelet but that’s not cutting it.
  • What does Sofia know? Everything? Nothing?
  • How much does Robert know about everybody? He tried to make “amends” with Joanna. Don’t know that I believe he doesn’t know who she really is at this point. Haverstock knows. And OMG. The oh so creepy Haverstock is in a sort of alliance with Will, Joanna and the corrupt agent who’s on Robert’s payroll. How is that going to even work?

I’m kind of intrigued by a second season that sets to prove the patriarch of the family is the big bad. And, of course, there’s the secret Joanna is keeping from Julian. That she’s really a cop investigating her boyfriend’s family. And poor Mia. As if things weren’t bad enough, Wyatt kidnapped her near the end of “I’ll Start with the Hillbilly.” Sofia isn’t going to be happy. In fact, she’ll probably get scary in order to get her back. Is it wrong that I love when she gets all scary? The woman is dangerous when crossed.

Yeah,  I’m really going to need a second season of Deception, NBC! If you missed them, our reasons why we love the show so much.


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