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Continuum Season Finale Preview: “Endtime” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Kharen Hill/Syfy

[WARNING: Spoilers for the finale and season 1]

The season 1 finale for Syfy’s Continuum airs tonight. How is it the end already? Too bad this is only a 10-episode season. Would have loved even more.

Synopsis for “Endtime”: Kiera fights a ticking clock to stop a terrorist attack, while Alec and Julian’s place in history will become defined by the horrific event.

I think you guys are going to love “Endtime.” It’s a really good episode complete with a potentially devastating event. The hour adds more layers to the already complicated landscape. Alec takes a more active role. Let’s just say the clever kid won’t be stuck in the barn the entire time.

We start to see that there are even more variables at work here. We see what — if anything — went on between Kiera and Kellogg. Kagame’s plan solidifies and a couple of awesome guest stars are mixed into the chaos. Both Ian Tracey [DaVinci’s Inquest, Supernatural, Intelligence, Sanctuary] and Nicholas Lea [The X-Files, Whistler, Kyle XY, V] have an immediate impact on the action.

My only complaint about this season ender is I wish Victor Webster’s Carlos Fonnegra could be weaved into the big story and this finale a little better. Right now he continues to be more on the outside of things. But that’s what a season 2 is for — hopefully, Syfy will announce the show’s renewal sooner rather than later. After all, we already know Continuum will continue on in Canada.

There’s been so much to love about season 1. The concept of this terrorist group (Liber8) that happens to believe in a noble cause is fascinating to me. As are all the relationships Kiera is forging with Kellogg, Alec and Carlos. Plus the shallow part of me loved that shower fight Detective Fonnegra had with one of the fierce Liber8 females. In a press call with Executive Producer Simon Barry, and Continuum stars Rachel Nichols [Kiera] and Victor Webster [Carlos], the trio talked about some of their favorite moments this season:

RACHEL NICHOLS: The end of episode two is one of my favorite and Jon Cassar [24, Terra Nova, Mutant X, Fringe] directed that episode and I’m in the precinct and I’ve been sort of – I’ve been jailed and I watch Dr. Fraiser reunite with his wife, and I think the ending of episode two is one of my favorite chunks of the first season. But, you know, everything from meeting my grandmother played by Katie Findlay in episode five or episode eight when I kind of go robo-Kiera, those three moments that I chose are very different but they’re all favorite moments just because they really stand out in my memory.

SIMON BARRY: I know what Victor’s favorite moment is.

NICHOLS: The shower.

BARRY: Getting attacked in the shower in episode seven.

VICTOR WEBSTER: I liked the behind-the-scenes version of that one better.

BARRY: Go ahead Victor I was just kidding. I’m sure you have other favorite moments.

WEBSTER: So many things stand out about the show like Rachel said. I watched a lot of it [on] my computer the first time and then when you watch it on a big screen television you just miss so many things that you notice all of a sudden. And I love the moments between Rachel and I when I’m dying in the last episode [“Family Time”] and I’ve been shot and great emotional moments, episode seven when we were out on the balcony of the police precinct and having this heart-to-heart conversation about trust and partnership. Those are some great scenes. Obviously Kimani [Ray Smith, Continuum‘s stunt coordinator] has done some great fight scenes; I’m a very physical guy so I love that. Those are some things that stand out to me.

BARRY: Oh and for Simon the answer would be Victor in the shower…no. I think my favorite moment from season one is probably…it’s hard to pick one because we spend so much time trying to make them all good. I guess I’d have to say it’s in episode ten which I don’t want to ruin because the audience hasn’t seen it yet so I’ll just say it’s in episode ten and you’ll have to tune in to see what I’m talking about.

Tune in tonight when the first season finale of Continuum airs on Syfy at 8/7c.


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