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And Mama Makes Three: A Golden Boy Relationship Recap 

Photo Credit: Jeff Neira/CBS
Photo Credit: Jeff Neira/CBS

There’s a lot we already know about Theo James‘ Detective Walter Clark: he will be the youngest New York City police commissioner ever, he’s got a serious beef with Kevin Alejandro‘s Detective Arroyo, he’s learning a lot from his partner Chi McBride‘s Detective Don Owen, and he’s trying to be a good parental example for his kid sister Agnes. In “Viscious Cycle,” we learn a little more about this parents. 

Walter is good at keeping secrets, although Detective Owen can always tell when Walter is lying. For the first time in the short history of their partnership, Walter lies and then immediately comes clean to Don. That’s definitely progress. And maybe his evolving relationship with his partner is also going to strengthen his relationship with his sister. Because his sister wants to know more about their parents. All Walter has told her so far is that they were abandoned and that he has no idea where they are. Only, Walter knows exactly where his mother, Nora, is because he’s been sending her money.

When she tracks him down at work, Clark knows he can’t ignore her any longer. He tries to remind her of their arrangement – he sends money, she leaves him and Agnes alone – but Nora’s not interested in that anymore. In fact, she returns the money he sent her for that month; she’s got a job. Nora’s clean (again), she’s been keeping up with her meetings, and she just wants to be a part of their lives. Clark’s heard it too many times to take her seriously. And yet, there does seem to be something different about her this time.

And the case this week just goes to show Clark how important trust is in any relationship. If you start lying to the people you love, you just can’t get that trust back when they find out the truth. So against his better judgement, Clark goes to see his mother. He wants to believe she’s really changed this time, but she knows she’s got to earn him back. He claims he can’t be hurt by her any more (he’s still lying to himself if he truly believes that), but he’s going to protect his sister no matter what. He’s not really getting the assurances he needs or wants from her about how she’ll treat Agnes, but I think he makes the right decision when he decides to come clean with his sister.

I really love this sibling relationship. Maybe it’s a little co-dependent and a lot dysfunctional, but it feels so real to me. These two really care about each other and have each other’s backs no matter what. They each have this one other person they can count on and trust completely. I hope Clark continues to let Agnes make her own decisions and mistakes, otherwise she’ll never really grow up. And I hope Agnes can see how much her brother cares for her. I think Nora has the best intentions where her children are concerned, but we’ll see if and how long she can keep it together for her kids. I really hope she does, but it’s a much better story if she doesn’t.

Golden Boy airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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