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Power “Best Laid Plans” [+ Exclusive Post Mortem] 

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

When Jamie sees all his plans go up in smoke – and at the hands of Kanan, though he doesn’t know that yet – he doubles down on the drug business. Earlier he’d been so cautious about making promises he wasn’t sure he could keep. And who knows if he’ll be able to handle the weight, but with Truth closed down indefinitely it wasn’t like Jamie thought he had many other options.

When Ruiz finds out about Nomar and Isabel he’s understandably upset. Tommy calls him to tell him the guns are a go, but Ruiz promises they’ll be brothers for life if Tommy will take Nomar out. Tommy suggests Julio for the job, but Ruiz is worried Nomar will know something up if he sees someone who might be from Ruiz’s crew. He won’t suspect anything if it’s a white guy. Tommy is only too happy to oblige, especially since Ghost told Tommy he’s their face on the streets now. This can only help their street cred.

Isabel manages to warn Nomar before their supposed meetup and Nomar calls Angie to tell her he’s been compromised. But it’s too late. Tommy stabs him a number of times before he tells him Ruiz wants his dick. But when Nomar calls him Ghost, it gives Tommy pause. And when he hears someone approaching the house, Tommy hides out of sight. Angie arrives and identifies herself as an AUSA, calling in the attack on her CI. Greg shows up soon after and searches the immediate premises, but Tommy’s managed to slip away.

I wondered what could be going through Tommy’s mind after that, so I asked his portrayer Joseph Sikora when I talked to him about the show a few weeks ago. He says, Tommy’s first thought when he gets in real trouble is always, “How do I kill everybody?” You can definitely see Tommy think about making a move on Angie, but Greg shows up almost immediately after she does and Tommy probably thinks better of it. Sikora says “so many things” are going through Tommy’s head. He’s wondering, “Did Ghost know? Did I just get set up?” Tommy is “reliving conversations,” and wondering if his “brother, his most trusted friend in the whole world” set him up. And on top of all that, he’s gonna find out Holly got shot at the club. I can’t imagine he’ll be in a good place come next season.

When I asked Sikora what he wanted to see for Tommy in season 2 he wonders, “How far is this band between brothers going to be pulled taut? Is it gonna break?” He’d also like to “see what happens when [Tommy] becomes the singular shot caller.” I wonder if that will hold though. Jamie’s dream of being a club owner is dead, at least for now and probably permanently. So how are they going to divide up their duties? Sikora reminds me, “These guys were corner boys and now they’re two of the biggest drug distributors in New York City and the Tri-state area.” They got where they are for a reason. Ghost and Tommy are a “combination of all of the events that led us up to right now.” So we’ll see how they adjust to this. We’ll see if there are trust issues between these two men who consider each other family.

I’ve also got questions about how Angie and Tasha will fit into Jamie’s life going forward. Does Ghost still want to have a talk with Tasha even though he never made it to Miami? She’s smart to open an account in her name only. No matter what happens in the future, it’s a good idea for Tasha to protect herself. And how will Jamie hide how he makes his money from Angie? With his club closed, how can he explain his income stream? So many questions.

When I asked Sikora for his final thoughts, he told me the season has been “amazing and it can never be underestimated or said too much that Courtney Kemp Agboh is unbelievable.” He adds that any time “we are breaking through that glass ceiling of black and woman and somebody who’s running a show, I think that needs to be celebrated.” And as far as the music for the show, he says “50 [Cent] has really done a wonderful job putting that together” and he calls Frank Fleming‘s costumes “just flawless.” I couldn’t agree more and I can’t wait to see what season 2 has in store.

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