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Justified “Ghosts” 

Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX
Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

I really wasn’t sure who was coming out of tonight’s season 4 finale alive. There were some very tense moments, a whole lot of gun play, and some surprising developments. Let’s get right to it.

Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX
Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

Boyd and Ava

Ava: “You always said moving a body was a real good way of gettin’ caught.”

Boyd: “Well, that’s why it’s only an option when you have no other option.”

I love Boyd and Ava. Yes, they’ve both done bad things and broken the law. But I can appreciate the love they have for each other and maybe it’s that love that keeps me rooting for them.

Boyd always seems to have one more card to play no matter how wrong things have gone. Mooney’s no longer on Boyd’s payroll, but Paxton works for Boyd now. With Delroy’s body in police custody at Paxton’s morgue, Boyd sees an opportunity. He and Jimmy dig up a corpse and are keeping it at the bar until it’s time to make the switch. When the medical examiner discovers that the body isn’t Delroy, Ellen May’s story will fall apart and Ava will be safe. Too bad Raylan shows up and makes Boyd leave with him. Then it’s up to Ava and Jimmy to do the deed, which they pull off without a hitch…until Ava goes to dump the body in the slurry pond. She makes Jimmy leave her to it, so Ava’s alone when Mooney and another deputy happen upon her. Even though Paxton wanted Boyd, Ava will do. Boyd pulls up to see Ava in handcuffs and loses it. And Paxton likes what he sees. He doesn’t think Boyd will cause him any more trouble.

Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX
Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

Raylan and Winona vs. Nicky Augustine

Raylan: “We’re gonna take you to a hotel.”

Winona: “Do I get a protection detail or Witsec?”

Raylan: “A protection detail.”

Winona: “‘Cause if it was Witsec, then, you know, we wouldn’t have to change the baby’s name seeing as she doesn’t have one yet.”

Raylan: “Just a protection team.”

Winona: “Okay. Maybe one of them could be my birthing coach.”

After Raylan and Winona dispatch with Nicky’s men, Raylan knows he needs to get Winona to safety and find Nicky Augustine. Raylan wants to work the case but Art only sees that ending badly and he warns Raylan that if he goes after Nicky he’ll be out of a job.

And – random thought – how did I forget Winona is such a badass? I love her sass, but mostly I love that the second the lone remaining gunman pointed his gun away from her belly, Winona shot him in the balls. Of course Raylan would fall for a woman like that. Of course they still love each other. Of course Raylan couldn’t hold onto her.

Nicky tells Raylan he’s going to Detroit to kill Sammy and then he’ll be back to kill Raylan’s family. Raylan’s willing to make a deal with Nicky: he can turn himself in and admit to all the crimes he’s committed and he can to leave his family alone. Or he’ll die in the limo. That’s Raylan’s best offer.

Nicky: “Oh, I don’t have a gun.”

Raylan: “Maybe you should get one.”

Nicky: “Why? So you can have a reason?”

Raylan: “You already gave me a reason.”

Raylan and Sammy

Sammy’s pissed Nicky went after Raylan’s family and he needs to take care of business. When Raylan gets out of the limo, he greets Sammy who has just landed.  Raylan tells Sammy Nicky still plans to come after his family after Nicky kills him.

Sammy: “What about you? You gonna give me trouble? About doing what I have to do?”

Raylan: “If Nicky had chosen to turn himself in I’d have taken him in. But he decided to go another way.”

Sammy: “So if you saw a crime committed against him, you wouldn’t as a lawman feel the obligation to intervene?”

Raylan: “I’m suspended.”

Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX
Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

Boyd and Raylan

The second these two guys are anywhere near each other, sparks fly. I love their interactions, how they antagonize each other, but mostly how they keep saving each other’s lives. Despite everything, they really are there for each other. And even though Raylan makes the mistake of threatening Ava to get Boyd to help him, Boyd still does it.

On the way to the meet, Raylan wonders if Boyd loves Ava like he loves the lord, or how he loved Arlo. Boyd thinks Raylan’s jealous and Raylan thinks Boyd would love anyone who doesn’t think he’s the bad guy. Boyd thinks Raylan’s the bad guy. And he has a point.

Boyd: “You might as well give me my gun back.”

Raylan: “I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

Boyd: “Not me I’m worried about. Just offering to even up your odds a little bit. I count 4 to 1. That hardly seems fair.”

Raylan: “Which way do you mean? Thanks for the ride.”

Boyd: “Good luck, cowboy.”

Wynn Duffy

With Sammy as the new head of the outfit, Wynn is now their man east of the Mississippi. He likes to think of both Boyd and himself as survivors. And as such, he’d like Boyd to handle his heroin distribution in Kentucky. Boyd’s interested and they’re both about to become very rich men. But what does it all mean to Boyd without Ava at his side? Even though he promised to get her a lawyer, there’s really nothing he can do for her. So he break in to the house they were considering buying. And maybe he thinks about how his life could’ve been if he’d made different choices.

Justified returns for season 5 in January 2014.

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