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Mickey Seeks Forgiveness, Ray Donovan “Same Exactly” 


Photo Credit: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME
Photo Credit: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Even though Mickey thinks he and Ray are “even,” they aren’t and they never will be. After wondering what Mickey could’ve done that was so bad and so unforgivable that Mickey would want him dead, we finally find out in “Same Exactly,” and it’s a doozy. As we learned in “Bucky F… Dent,” Father Danny not only abused Terry and Bunchy, but he abused Ray as well. And the worst part? Ray told his father about it but Mickey didn’t believe him. Not only did Mickey call Ray a liar, but he beat him as well. So since the age of 10, Mickey has been dead to Ray.

Photo Credit: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME
Photo Credit: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Now that we’ve got an even better handle on who Ray is and what happened to him as a child to make him the way he is today, it’s easier to understand why he got into this line of work. He’s good at fixing problems because he had to try to fix his own life (and his own family) from a very young age. He knew from age 10 that he couldn’t rely on anyone but himself. We do see how much Ray cares for his family and some of the people whose lives he’s fixed. Now he’s worried about Sully coming after his family. Sully’s been very much of a wildcard since Ray tracked him down in Boston and tasked him with killing Mickey. As Ezra keeps telling him, Ray needs to take care of it. Not only do Sully and company have a lot of Ray (and Ezra’s) money, but Mickey is still alive – which is more an inconvenience than a real problem at this point. Ray feels forced into a corner and ends up reporting Sully to the Feds. Obviously Sully isn’t happy.

They arrange a time and place to meet to get Sully out of the country and, of course, Mickey shows up. Ray and Abby have made it abundantly clear that they’re done with him, so Mickey turns to Sully. Things go from bad to worse after guns are drawn and Avi is shot. Their getaway vehicle is Barnes’ boat. When Mickey goes to take Barnes’ gun, there’s enough of a distraction that Mickey shoots Sully dead. Ray gives Barnes a superficial wound and they let Tiny go. It’s a win for Barnes, because Sully has been number one on the FBI’s most wanted list for years. And Mickey thinks it’s a win for him because as he says to Ray, they’re even. He’s taken care of Ray’s Sully problem and now he thinks it’s a way back into his son’s life. But how can Micky possibly think killing Sully will make them even? Can you ever regain your child’s trust after you betray them in such a way at such a young age? Mickey claims he went to jail for Ray. Ray thinks it was the only place Mickey could be protected from Sully, but Mickey contradicts that. And now that he’s killed Sully for Ray, he wants back into his life? I really hoped Mickey would take that money and disappear, like Ray wanted. But that doesn’t make for a good story or good drama. I’m curious to see how Mickey thinks he’s gonna worm his way back into Ray’s life and whether or not the rest of his sons will allow him to remain in theirs. Terry, Bunchy and Daryll are much more forgiving and seem happy to see Mickey when he turns back up at the gym. I have to say, that intrigues me.

Season 2 of Ray Donovan returns in 2014.

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  1. Sara-Elisebeth Finley

    When does the unforgiveable become forgiveable ??? This finale really did leave me thinking.

    Most powerful quote from the show?? Ray to Mickey – “Our Sweet Bunchy”

    Plot borrowed from real life (at least for Bostonians) Whitey Bulger wanted by FBI for years – hiding in SANTA MONICA “in plain sight”

    While there were no major cliff-hangers – I HOPE Avi recovers – He’s one of the best parts of this show –

    Also – knowing Jon Voigt’s issues w/Angelina over his parenting of her – how much of that emotion does he bring to his role – he is EMMY worthy next year !!

    love this show – now need to watch the entire season just to keep my Ray fix going !!

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